Knit the Look: Jemma Baines’ big black cable beanie

how to knit jemma baines black cable beanie - vanessa jackman photo

I’m over the moon for the look of Jemma Baines’ oversized black cabled beanie and want to knit it immediately — because it’s adorable and because what’s more fun to knit than cables? I’d go with Eveli Kaur’s Bulky Hat pattern (free), knit in Blue Sky Alpacas’ Bulky Alpaca Naturals yarn in Black Bear, pictured above. Lengthen the ribbing a little bit, and add a pompom at your discretion. For a slightly bulkier hat with a little more complex cabling, try Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s An Unoriginal Hat knit in Cascade Magnum in Black.

See Vanessa Jackman’s post for the rest of Jemma’s outfit.

(Note to beginners: If you haven’t knit cables before, Kaur’s pattern would be a fantastic place to start. You’ll die when you realize how simple a basic cable is.)


Street style photo © Vanessa Jackman; used with permission