Hello, old friends!

What a minute it’s been. When I put this blog on hiatus in January 2020, I could never have imagined all that was about to happen in the world, and I hope you’ve fared as well as possible through all the turmoil. I have missed talking with you!

That said, I have a lot of big news to share today and will keep it as brief as I can— 

You likely know that in the summer of 2020 (foreseeing supply-chain issues and so on), I made the difficult but healthy decision to halt the retail/wholesale/consumer goods functions of Fringe Supply Co. The big exciting thing that has happened with the brand in the meantime has been collaborating with my friend Jen at Grainline Studio to turn the Field Bag into a home sewing pattern — and kits! So the Field Bag lives on in that way, alongside its predecessor, the beloved Stowe Bag pattern. But since these Grainline patterns are the lone way in which the FSCo brand is still in use, it increasingly made sense to me for Jen to own it, and we’ve now made that a reality! So you will see the Fringe Supply properties start to come to life again in service of promoting existing and future co-brand projects, only now under Grainline’s stewardship. Yes, you read that right — there will be more Grainline x Fringe projects going forward! And I’ll continue to have a hand in that, but now as a contractor to Grainline. So if you’re already subscribed to the FSCo mailing list, you don’t need to do anything, and you’ll continue to receive updates from Jen with GxFS news. If you’re not subscribed, sign up here for future news on that front!

But wait, there’s news on that front TODAY! Those pics up top are of the second installment of our Artist Series Field Bag kits, each one individually hand-painted by my talented husband, Bob Bechtol — no two of them alike. The kit would make an excellent gift, as would the finished bag, or of course you can buy a kit and sew it for yourself. There are only 60 of these kits, so if you want one, please do read the product description and caveats carefully but then don’t sit on it — the previous edition didn’t last long!

You may also know that in early 2021, we moved to Florida. With that move necessitating a name change to my business entity — from Fringe Industries to KT Studio — plus the above-mentioned change to ownership of the Fringe Supply Co. brand, I’ve also rebranded this blog from Fringe Association to KT’s Slow Closet. (Its third name and second rename. Don’t worry, all the old links still work!) So for anyone who buys any of my for-purchase knitting patterns at this point, the charge will show up as KT Studio. And will I ever begin posting to this blog again? I won’t swear one way or the other, but …

… in addition to the Grainline x Fringe projects on the horizon, I have a few different irons in fires at the moment, some of which readers of this blog will want to know about. For those of you who’d like to keep up with future news of me, I’ve started a new mailing list, which I’ve given the very creative title of “KT Studio News.” If you’re interested, you can subscribe to that here.

I remain eternally grateful for all your time and support over the years, and look forward to keeping you updated on what happens next! 

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8 thoughts on “Hello, old friends!

  1. I missed reading about your creative endeavors as I really appreciate your aesthetic! So it was a pleasure to see this. Congratulations on all the refresh.

  2. Yay! I just knitted up a couple of cowls for quick gifts, using your Jumbo Basketweave pattern. Good to see you back and congrats on the new endeavors!

  3. Happy to hear your news! Hopefully, blogging will work out. I’m an old follower of yarnover, and Fringe Association. Too bad I missed out on the latest kits, but that’s how it goes. They were beautiful!

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