Low-key Summer of Basics

Low-key Summer of Basics

Hi, friends. Sorry to leave you hanging on this all the way to mid-May, but there’s been a lot up in the air at my house lately, and it has implications for Summer of Basics, and for my summer in general. Bob has been having back issues again the past 6 weeks or so, and has been undergoing a lot of tests and such, and there’s a high probability he’ll be having more surgery in the coming weeks. (Although please keep your fingers crossed, if you would.) With the uncertainty around that, I’m leery of overcommitting myself, so I’m pulling back on my previously stated intention to reframe and actively host a summer make-along this year.

HOWEVER! For those wanting to proceed with the same outline and hashtag as in the past, please do! Pick three things you feel your closet will truly benefit from (knitted/sewn/crocheted/whatever), share your progress on your blogs and/or Instagram (with hashtag #summerofbasics) and have at it! I’m still following the hashtag and will set some optimistic making goals for myself as well (beyond finishing this vest). I’ll keep an eye on the hashtag and cheer you on as much as possible — and join in as life permits. If you’re posting progress on your blog, feel free to post links in the comments here so I and others can see. There won’t be any formal blog programming or prizes or anything tied to it — just the sheer joy of making good things in good company.

Have you thought about what you want to make this year? If so, I want to hear!

ALSO: I would love to support any other summer knitalong/make-alongs that might be happening. Please feel free to post below about any you know, and I’ll help spread the word!


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  1. Karen
    I will keep your Husband in my thoughts and prayers.
    A long time reader,

  2. I love your blog Karen.
    I hope your husband doesn’t need surgery and if he does need it I hope it alleviates his pain.
    There is a lot of knitting done in hospital waiting rooms – such a stress relief.

  3. Very much hoping that Bob is able to get through this without further surgery. He’s dealt with enough already.

  4. So hope that Bob feels great soon. Also your vest is looking really good. My goals this summer is to make what I need instead of what looks cute at the moment. I’ve needed a black cardigan for years but continue to knit other items. A uniform cardigan will be cast on.

    • I need to face the music that I also really need a black cardigan and the one I knitted, though a perfectly great sweater, has never been quite right for my closet. So I may be on that same train with you!

  5. I hope Bob gets the best possible outcome and feels much better soon!

    I never formally participate in the summer of making, but I do have a few little plans this year. Thanks to your inspiration, I have poked my big toe in the sewing waters, and got a couple of patterns form 100 acts of sewing. Last year I partially made a dress and a skirt. They were never intended to be worn, but more to see if the pattern works for me. But the skirt fit! Woot hoot! Just a problem with length, so I let it sit for a year. Naturally. Now I have a plan, though. I bought some solid fabric in the color of one of the prints and will add a solid band to the hem. But the real part that excites me is that I realized that I have some lace weight yarn in the perfect colors to match, and so I will knit myself a sweater to match. That might not get done this summer, but you never know!

  6. So glad you can recognize your limitations! #lifegoals 😁 #thatshowadultingisdone . I’ll be thinking of you both and sending well wishes

    • It’s not my strongest suit, but we’ve been through enough surgeries now that I’ve learned my lesson about being prepared.

  7. Hi Karen – I do hope Bob’s back problems improve, and he has a slow and healthy recovery, hopefully without surgery – but if necessary, all the best for a very healthy outcome. Thinking of you as you juggle family health issues and a very busy business! Good for you for choosing some self care instead of trying to be “superwoman” and do All The Things. Knitting is everyone’s best friend during these times – hope it brings you moments of joy and peace.

  8. Hope Bob’s back issues resolve soon! Fingers crossed for no surgery. <3

  9. I am sorry to hear of his back problems. I have scoliosis, degenerate disc dis., and facet dis. I have had 5 surgeries on my back and 2 on my neck. My lumbar is fused, my Cervical is fused and now my Therasic (?) is bothering me. So I feel for him totally. I hope he has a very good surgeon like me. Tell him to hang in there.

    • Oh, I’m so sorry you’ve been through all of that! I really feel for you.

  10. Dear Karen,
    How lovely are the comments above! It reminds me to believe in the goodness of humans. I am hoping for the best possible outcome for Bob, too.
    Thanks for your honesty and wishing you a good circle of people around you to take care of you both.
    Best wishes,

  11. As the wife of a man with ongoing back pain, my heart goes out to you both. I hav watched this summer basics fun in the past and do have some informal plans to do more basic wardrobe stitching this summer. Finally have a few patterns that will serve as good staples

    • Oh, fun! Wading in with company is such a great way to do it. And I feel for you and your husband!

  12. I am another of your followers who can relate to a hubby with chronic back pain. When your back aches, your whole body aches and simple movements become a challenge. I hope things will improve for him, and that hopefully he won’t have to go through surgery.
    I already have my plans laid out for the summer, with three projects: a simple striped sweater (Purl Bee Striped Summer Sweater), a lace weight cardigan (from Making – Flora) and a simple pair of socks with a wonderful self-striping yarn. Because socks are a staple, even in summer. All knits. Swatches are ongoing. The theme of the season is stripes and red.

  13. I always look at summer as a time of weird experimentation rather than basics, but I hope people play along. And I hope that the treatment, whatever it turns out to be, allows both of you to pick up your normal lives again soon.

    And third: I hope you will not over think the armhole finishing on the vest and just dive in and do it and wear it. The worst case scenario is that you have to rip out one side and do it over, but you will still have it to wear sooner than later. I find that picking up a few extra stitches and then going down a needle size after 2-3 rounds sometimes works better than stretching the initial pickup over too few stitches.
    Best wishes for you both!

    • Remember the definition of “basics” is completely up to you! Whatever your closet would benefit from, that counts.

      I ripped out the bum armhole and redid them yesterday, very pleased with the result. Hoping to get the neckband picked up today so I can knit it this week.

  14. Oh sorry Karen for your husband, I wish him a quick recovery and without surgery …. I think very much about you both. Hugs

  15. Fingers crossed for Bob.

    My SoB will consist of a few, maybe more than three, pairs of 100 Acts of Sewing pants no. 1. I have the fabrics already bought washed and dried. Now I need to have a cut-out day to get them all stacked up so the sewing can commence.

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  17. I’m so sorry to hear about your husband’s back. I am the one with back issues (1 fusion, 1 decompression, and what is called an unstable spine – gotta love getting that news!) in my family and I cannot tell you how important it is to have a loving and supportive partner. Hoping for the best outcome for you both.

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