Inspiring mods of the Steekalong

Inspiring mods of the Steekalong

While there aren’t people taking really major liberties with the Sólbein Cardigan (which 99% of the #fringeandfriendssteekalong participants are knitting), there are numerous smaller modifications happening that illustrate all of the freedoms and flexibilities that excite me so much about knitting, so I wanted to point you to some of them. These are the sorts of design detail tweaks you can consider for just about any sweater you might knit:

BOTTOM: Pullover. @heyjoanne9999 left out the steek stitches in front to convert Sólbein to a pullover, but is planning to steek some side slits at the hips.

MIDDLE LEFT: Short rows. Several knitters have added short rows between the neckband and start of the colorwork, so the back neck will sit higher. @caitmariejohnson shared her notes on how she did it (swipe to the third image in the linked post) as did @knitterbree.

TOP: Vertical button band. For her second Sólbein already completed, @ivyknitsfast (no joke) knitted vertical 1×1 rib button bands and seamed them on. If you’ve ever wondered what a difference that makes, just look.

MIDDLE RIGHT: I-cord edging. @ceciliainstafford opted for I-cord edging all the way around, which has given it a vintage sweater-jacket look.

It’s hard to believe we’re only halfway through the official timeframe, given how many finished sweaters there are. But again, the fact that so many people have completed sweaters in under three weeks tells you there’s still plenty of time to join in! And remember, you don’t have to be finished to be eligible for prizes. The details on all that are in the kick-off post.

I’m casting on this weekend! Happy Friday, everyone—


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10 thoughts on “Inspiring mods of the Steekalong

  1. This sweater pattern (and the yarn, which I’ve worked with before) aren’t so much my jam – though I can appreciate both for others! I’m so impressed by the beautiful and creative versions that are popping up. Very inspirational. This KAL really does minimize the anxiety of steeking. I mean, I know I’ll do it one day cuz it’s a technique one should learn, but watching peeps steek on a pattern they’ve whipped up quickly takes the intensity out of it. How scary can it be if the whole thing gets done in a month??

    • not everyone that is doing this KAL knits that fast! I am still nowhere near half done on mine, and have been knitting since Jan 1…

  2. I roped my mom into knitting a Solbein with me, so I jotted down my shortrow notes for her. So glad they’ve been helpful to others too!

  3. So is the vertical band knitted separately and hand sewn on? Looks amazing…as do all of them.

  4. I accidently cut a wrong thread of yarn on mine and now I’ve wasted 3 weeks of knitting and money on yarn I cannot reuse it since I cut through most of it. I cried for two days straight.

    • Oh no! But it might still be fixable. Have you posted about it on IG and I haven’t seen it? If not, can you share a detailed description and/or photos and let’s see if we can figure out a fix.

  5. I’m not on the KAL train, but taking my time to find a pattern that will suit my style and our weather patterns in Georgia. COLD in the winter (for a day or two) and blazing hot come April-September. Your geographic locations (longer cooler weather) conducive to wearing sweaters makes me envious. Love sweaters.

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