Waxed plum Field Bag + Anna Vest update

Waxed plum Field Bag + butterscotch Porter Bin + Anna Vest

This was me last month, wearing the original Anna Vest and knitting the new Anna Vest while “modeling” for today’s debut of the waxed plum Field Bag! Can you even take your eyes off how gorgeous this all is — and especially that plum Field and butterscotch Porter situation? This is officially my new favorite color combo.

I can finally tell you this story: I’d been having a hard time deciding on a color for the new vest, and then I discovered that my friends at Kelbourne Woolens’ newest yarn, Germantown, came in a color that’s a perfect match for the Field Bag that was in production at the time. That felt like fate to me, and I couldn’t wait to see them together. (I do love a matching Field Bag and WIP situation!) The waxed plum Field Bag is available today at Fringe Supply Co. and at our stockists around the globe. The pattern, however, needs a few more days. I did finish the vest and we shot it on Monday, but the pattern itself is not quite finished, so look for that next week!

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to pull together a Weekend Reads list for Slow Fashion October this week — too many plates spinning, for real — but I’ll hope to share stuff on @slowfashionoctober over the weekend, so keep an eye on that. And I’ll aim for a mega list for next weekend. I also shared a peek into my actual, physical closet on IG this week and am hoping to start the clean-out challenge this weekend (if I get the vest pattern done, lol) — I’d love to see yours, too! Or hear how it’s going if you’ve already started.

Happy weekend! Thank you for spending part of your week here—


Photos by Hannah Messinger for Fringe Supply Co.

14 thoughts on “Waxed plum Field Bag + Anna Vest update

  1. Now that you pointed it out . . . there’s that Hole & Sons knitting prop! The plum is lovely. I did see your closet reveal – still wondering how you get to that second hanging cubby – it’s amazing, especially considering how much space sweaters take up.

    • Haha, Sawkill but yes! The second hanging cubby is not as easy to get in/out of as the one nearer the door, but I use it mostly for the storebought things that are worn less often. Not sure how that might shift once I get into a cleanout.

  2. Could you please explain what “waxed” for your field bag means? Thanks! They are beautiful btw!

    • Sure, waxed canvas is canvas that’s been impregnated with a wax-based substance (the details vary). It’s the same as the difference between paper and waxed paper, if that helps you imagine it.

  3. After having onyl seen your bags on the Net, I was lucky enough to visit the Walnut Kyoto yarn shop in Japan recently and got to see them for real. How cool!

  4. I’m going to Yarnporium 2018 in London in a few weeks, where Kelbourne Woolens will be participating in a panel discussion on Indie yarn producers called “The new yarn barons”. I am really looking forward to it. They will be on the vendors’ floor as well, so I will check out Germantown. Can you tell me if that colour is “Rhododendron”? Thanks.

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