New Favorites: Woolfolk does colorwork

New Favorites: Woolfolk does colorwork

Woolfolk released a new pattern collection that is 100% colorwork and 600% gorgeous. Dubbed Earth Elements, you can scroll through the whole gorgeous lookbook here, it’s six patterns with his/hers and other variations that make it seem like more. I love all three of the sweaters — Mane, Krater and especially the cropped pullover Klippe, with its textured yoke. And then there’s that lovely hat, Dele. Major swooning over here.


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  1. I also noticed this yummy collection on Instagram, although living where I do I don’t have easy access to Woolfolk yarns. Mail order in Canada is expensive and duties can equal the cost of the yarn itself.
    I’m definitely into cropped sweaters this fall. I just published a cropped cardigan (Beverley) on Ravelry last weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving), and yesterday I wore my as yet unpublished cropped aran to ward off the fall chill. Cropped sweaters are a great look for petite figures like mine, and combine especially well with some of my handsewn pieces such as the York Pinafore and Sonya Philip’s Dress #1.

  2. Question to anyone: Do you think the floppy cowl neck on the all over Krater could be easily substituted to a crew? I am guessing yes. I think that is such a lovely pattern.

  3. Curses on these creatives! Just when I’m feeling like my next projects are in focus, some rogue wave of loveliness mucks it all up. Deep breath . . . and thanks.

  4. LOVE. I’ve had a colorwork sweater on my mind for awhile – trying to decide on a pattern. I really want to try a more complicated sweater out of Norsk Strikkedesign but….I don’t think I’m up for it right now. So I was thinking the guthrie sweater, but now these!
    What’s your take on the woolfolk yarn?

    • I’ve only used it for a cable hat and wouldn’t have thought of it for colorwork, so this whole thing surprised me! I hope to see the samples in person.

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