Fall ’18 wardrobe planning: Mood and strategy

Fall ’18 wardrobe planning: Mood and strategy

I’m not really sure what we’re in for. Officially, calendar-wise, Fall is here. The trees in Nashville are getting a tiny bit droopy and the temps have dropped into the upper 70s, but the humidity is as high as ever. So it’s cool and sticky, is what I’m saying. It feels as if actual sweater weather is still a long ways away, but I’m thinking about how to bust out of my boring summer uniform and trick myself into thinking it’s fall, even when the weather isn’t about to cooperate. Which means, of course, I’ve started a Fall ’18 Mood board.

This particular mood board is a bit of an oddball, as it won’t likely convey to any viewer what it does to me. My mood isn’t nearly as colorless as this board, for one thing, which is more about shapes and accents and ideas for ways to combine things. (Color-wise, I’ll be hanging onto the blues and army and spot of orange you’ve been seeing the past couple of seasons.) As always, though, I’m in the mood for loose, comfortable, easygoing clothes, along with an unexpected detail, some last-minute sandal action giving way to oxfords and loafers. And I’m thinking a lot about volume. And that dickey. What the board doesn’t convey is that my faux fall wardrobe plan will involve all of the vests and smocks — basically a still-sleeveless layer on top of my summer uniform — so I’ll get into all of that as I take inventory and start putting together some new outfits with my same old clothes.

But I’ve also been mining my closet for a few “new” old things with which to change things up. We’re only a week out from the start of Slow Fashion October, and I’ll tell you at this point that what I have planned for this year is a very action-oriented month. We can debate definitions and so on all you want, but I know I’m in need of a proper full-closet assessment and responsible clean-out, and I know many of you are too. So I’m partially doing my normal wardrobe planning steps this week and partially jumping the gun on what I’ll be inviting you all into starting next week! More on all of that will be revealed …


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  1. This post was kind of sad to me, I’ve followed all of your posts, watching as you accomplish a goal of a handmade wardrobe, model and photo details, rearrange in numerous outfits. But today you refer to them as “my boring summer uniform” and “my same old cloths”. Is it that your just longing to slip into one of your beautiful hand knit sweaters?

    • It’s mostly just being so tired of humidity! I don’t enjoy getting dressed for summer weather, and this summer my clothes have gotten incredibly monotonous. But it’s also partly the challenge of a slow wardrobe: When you’re trying to wear the same clothes for years on end, and not just a season — if you’re easily bored, like I am — it does get to be about finding new ways to put the same clothes together. To change things up, surprise yourself, make it feel fresh and new.

      I’ll talk more about that in Oct.

  2. I can relate. I live in the Portland, OR area and we’ve had the driest summer on record. Today was the first day I had to put on socks to walk my dogs. Exciting! Although 80’s are expected this week.

  3. Love that you call high 70s ‘cool’! Depends what you’re used to, obvs; here in GB that’s good n’ warm! I follow Seasons and Salt, whose clothes and style I love, and enjoy seeing her putting the same items together differently for varying outfits. She gives me lots of ideas for things I want to sew and, to a lesser extent, knit. Its great that there are so many indie sewing patterns, and knitwear patterns, that are available to achieve those kinds of looks; I’m so grateful to the designers. I’d be sick of the heat and humidity too where you are. I don’t do either very well; must get a bit of a drag …

    • It really is, especially in this instance where the heat is waning but not the humidity! If it were dry, high 70s wouldn’t feel cool, but with it being so damp and sticky right now … it’s just ugh.

  4. I’m looking forward to your Slow Fashion October plan, as I can totally relate to the need of a complete closet assessment and clean-up. I’ve been postponing this for months (or should I say, years), so I hope this challenge will be just the right incentive to take action at last.

  5. I can more than relate! Due to various life circumstances, I have been restricted to wearing a very specific subset of my wardrobe for almost 2 years now. It’s not just that I’m bored, I’m realizing that part of what makes me feel like myself is the very act of shifting between different styles/looks (I have eclectic tastes — I’m not normally the uniform type). I deeply identify with that sense of plurality, and being stuck dressing all one way is making me feel pretty alienated from myself. (I also feel pretty weird even admitting this… like, shouldn’t I be grateful I have clothes on my back and leave it at that?)

    All that’s to say that what you’ve got planned for October sounds like it will be really interesting!

    • I totally understand what you are saying. To a certain extent, we play at being slightly different versions of ourselves as we change our clothing style, but it is easy to get stuck in a version of yourself that doesn’t feel quite genuine. Be true to your soul, is what I say, and if it is possible to change even a little about your circumstances to allow you to dress slightly more in tune with your real nature, then do so.

      • I know this is weird but I recently said it out loud on a podcast, so I might as well say it again: If I put on an exact outfit that I wore like a year ago, and haven’t worn since, I feel like I’m dressed up as a previous version of myself. I can wear the same thing over and over — repeating outfits doesn’t really bother me — but repeating them from the past feels really strange to me.

  6. I made a striped Lark yesterday (perky tomato red on off-white) and my husband said something about how great it would look under a beautifully cut navy blazer, and for the first time in years, I found myself wanting just that.

    The fashion muse works in mysterious ways … not sure I want to make it though. I’ve tailored in my past, but I don’t have the time or inclination for it right now. So, I will keep my eye out for an eventual splurge.

  7. Would you share the source of the third photo down in the enter—looks like grey line pants and a loose off white wool top—? Thanks—

  8. I like the idea of a mood board; I’m always just trying to keep ideas afloat in my mind, which is a little exhausting. I need to go back to my Pinterest boards. By the way, I noticed the dickey on the board before you mentioned it. I want to see you in it!

  9. I am excited for a responsible closet cleanup. Even though I live in SoCal and our weather is pretty even, I need to move my true summer clothes out of the way. I also set a goal to sew myself my first article of clothing and today I bought the pattern (willow tank) and fabric.

  10. Pretty much all of this post resonates with me!

    I have a lime green linen camp shirt with a bit of color-matched embroidery on it that I’ve worn every summer for at least five years. It remains in style, the color is fabulous, it’s held up well…but my lawd am I sick of this shirt. A few weeks ago, I moved it to the bin that holds clothing to be taken apart and made into something else. The last time I wore the shirt, it felt as though I was not me, but Other Me who just can’t bear to discard a serviceable garment, even I no longer feel like it speaks to me or about me.

    Although I evaluate my wardrobe on a regular basis, I haven’t done a whole lot this past year to update it to better suit how I live now, or how I will live in the coming years. So I’ve planned to use SFO to focus on recycling old garments into new. The list is long, and I don’t plan to get to everything on it this month, but SFO will be the kick I need to finally get going. The list also spans seasons, so I don’t plan to focus on one season, either.

    Among these garments that I haven’t worn in awhile (or ever, in the case of some hand-me-downs, hand-me-overs, and gifts) are styles that once suited me but no longer do, or styles that never suited me in the first place. The fabrics are lovely, though. There’s a sweater than Someone Who Is Not Me accidentally felted, and although retribution should’ve been exacted, the shrunken sweater is going to become a handbag. A few dresses will become skirts and tops, a couple of pairs of flats to be made, OTR sweaters to be unraveled, buttons and zippers and other fasteners to be collected and re-used…etc…

    Heck, I don’t care if I only end up with one or two finished pieces by the end of the month. I’m finding that now that I don’t have to wear business attire anymore, but also don’t want to live in pajama pants and tees all the time, I’m consciously seeking patterns and styles that are ME, not a version OF me. One or two pieces that I truly love, for now…yes, that’ll do and that’ll be a good start.

    If that makes sense.

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  12. Hi Karen! Such a nice moodboard! Never thought about that, but the things is that I´m in a process of eliminating all synthetic fibers from my wardrobe and trying to fix an style by doing my own garments with local and natural textiles. I´m based in Portugal and wonderful fabrics and wool are made here! And of course avoiding to many clothes and being closer to the concept of capsule wardrobe.
    Most of the clothes you proposed would be shared in my catwalk pinterest board: stylish, comfortable, natural and elegant! (in case you wish to check here the link: https://www.pinterest.pt/HopscotchbyDahliaRodriguez/catwalk/
    I´m looking forward for the Slow Fashion October! Wish to actively participate! Thanks for the initiative!

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