Let’s go knit at the lake! A Fringe late-summer lookbook

Fringe Supply Co. Late Summer Lookbook

Fall is coming — it’s true! — but let’s not be in too big of a hurry, shall we? Summer has its pleasures, even for us knitters. What could be better than knitting on a dock with good friends and some magazines and a big tub full of cold drinks? Sunscreen, hats, feet in the water. The onset of back-to-school season gave me the urge to do just that — flee to the lake for one last hurrah with two friends and a camera. And we brought along some new bags I’m so excited to show you!

Fringe Porter Bin butterscotch, Field Bag natural waxed canvas, Drawstring project bag

– Times like this are why I love the Porter Bin. It holds a load; sits so neatly out of the way on a shelf or by your chair, always at the ready; and travels beautifully. And I love it more than ever in our newest color: Butterscotch!

– Our beloved Field Bag has of course been a major hit in all its iterations, but waxed canvas makes it just that much more durable and travel friendly. After hearing so many people say they love the original Natural version but fear dirt, and since the Waxed Camo is my most-used Field Bag, we decided to make it in Waxed Natural, which is just beautiful — and translucent! With the crackled surface inherent in waxed canvas, it looks like porcelain or waxed butcher paper, but it repels water and wipes clean with a damp cloth! The best of all worlds.

– And in response to countless requests for a smaller bag (the Field Bag being so much roomier than it appears), I’m happy to present our new Fringe Supply Co. Drawstring Bag. In true Fringe fashion, it’s made of durable cotton canvas and built to last, with French seams, leather double drawcord and an outer pocket (slightly tone on tone) sized to hold a folded pattern or small notebook.

Of course, they all play together beautifully with the rest our bags and tools, all of which you can see in the full lookbook. I hope you enjoy this little virtual late-summer trip to the lake and that it inspires you to savor knitting outdoors while there’s still time.

Happy weekend!

Fringe Supply Co. drawstring bag and Field Bags

Photos by Hannah Messinger © Fringe Supply Co.

11 thoughts on “Let’s go knit at the lake! A Fringe late-summer lookbook

  1. Your Lookbook is gorgeous. I digitally dipped my toes in the lake and I do want it all! Well done.

  2. I am lusting after one of those Jen Hewlet bags! Every time I see it I think of Rapunzel’s hair. May have to be my Xmas present to myself this year….

  3. Or in my case, walking through the waves along the Salish Sea. I’m watching out that I don’t rush summer away but enjoy every minute. Karen, I’m adding my WOW OH WOW! to the others – your Look Book is gorgeous! I love Look Books!

  4. I want to go to there. Stat! (Except maybe the part where the yarn project bag is teetering precariously at the edge of the dock. That’s a disaster waiting to happen for card-carrying klutzes such as myself.)

  5. Question, how do you still manage to knit in the summer? I always find it to hot, although I would love to still be able to knit all year round. Any tips?

  6. Meh. We’ve had weeks and weeks of 100+ temps here. We can’t even open the windows at night. I have been knitting though, trying to finish my St. Brigid sweater that has been in the works for literally years. I am very much looking forward to the end of summer.

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