The fight for what’s right

Happy Independence Day, for the Americans among you! I know we’re going through something of a national existential debate (to put it mildly) over what “America” really means and what this country stands for, but it’s heartening to know that nearly all of us agree that separating children from their asylum-seeking parents at the border is not what this country is about. You hopefully know that every quarter, I donate a percentage of Fringe Supply Co. revenue to Heifer International, which goes to “Knitters Baskets” — supplying needy families with sheep, alpacas, llamas and angora rabbits, from which they derive milk, fiber, income and offspring (and the first female offspring of each animal is passed forward to another family). I’ve just made our Heifer donation for the second quarter, and I thank you so much for the opportunity to do that. But in light of the recent atrocity at our borders, this time around I’ve also made a $3500 contribution to RAICES and their attempt to ensure that each and every one of those separated children has legal representation as everyone works to locate their parents and get them back together. So for today, I just wanted to say thank you, again and profoundly, for your support of Fringe Supply Co. and the many things that support makes possible.

And here’s a thought-provoking read for you today: God Bless America. You could have a lively discussion about it at your cookout! ;)


24 thoughts on “The fight for what’s right

  1. Yay! Great donation! I’m always amazed that North Americans seem to forget that our friends south of the border are Americans also…. Central, South or North, we are all Americans.

  2. Thanks for speaking out. I would like to ask all of your readers, whether from the USA or elsewhere in the world to write to our Senators and Representatives and demand reunification. This is a shameful, cruel policy. Writing is easy to do. Do it through their Facebook pages or websites. Sitting idly by is not an option. Action is needed. As we celebrate our freedom it is tragic that little children are locked up, alone,confused and no doubt, very much afraid. Thank you for caring.

    • Yes, my exact thoughts as I read this post. It’s always a pleasure to come here and get a view of the whole world, not just the inside of a shop. Thank you, Karen.

  3. Thank you, Karen, for your contributions and inspiration, shining lights that help keep the darkness at bay.

  4. Good going! And a happy and thoughtful Independence Day to you and your family.

  5. Thank you, as always, for your generosity to such a worthy cause. The article by Sheryl Kaskowitz was truly thought-provoking and enlightening. I had no idea that God Bless America had such a history and that so many diverse groups had claimed it over the years. Think of how many Irving Berlin’s are being detained at this very moment……it’s sickening and deplorable.

  6. I also gave a small amount to RAICES and have contributed to Catholic Charities in Texas.

  7. Agree completely. From everything I’ve read RAICES does great work. We’re also making a monthly donation to them and urge everyone else to, as well. There are other organizations, like Southern Poverty Law Center and the ACLU, who also do great work, but, as far as I can tell, it’s hard to direct donations to the immigration fight with these groups.

    • If you contact the local offices in your area for the ACLU and the SPLC, they can tell you how to direct your donation.

  8. Your beautiful soul keeps shining through. Thank you for your conscientious business approach. This piece today is a major aspect of your work which is apparent daily in your blogs and why I return to your company when I purchase.
    Thank oyou.

  9. Every day the news is so upsetting!
    who are the HEARTLESS people?
    we must each do whatever we can to fight and make things better…

  10. Thank you so much for what you do. Your generosity moved me to tears, especially since at the moment I don’t have any extra to give. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  11. Thank you Karen! I agree with your word “atrocity,” and I have donated as well.

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