Subtropical swatching

Subtropical swatching

Hi, friends! As you may know from Instagram, I’m in Florida at the moment (with my trusty waxed camo Field Bag), and I decided to take an actual vacation for a few days rather than blogging during family time. (This is the first time my sister has ever left her kids alone with us overnight — the pressure!) The tiny swatch above is all the knitting that’s happened so far, and I can’t even talk about it, as it’s for a pattern I’m working on for someone. But I’ll be back on Weds or Thurs with the details on that hotly anticipated sweater vest of mine! ;)

Also, I’m away but DG is at his shipping post, ready to send you whatever your heart desires, so Fringe Supply Co. is, as always, open for business! And thank you for the flurry of Mini Porter orders over the weekend, by the way — whoever may have inspired it.


8 thoughts on “Subtropical swatching

  1. The Grocery Girls talked about the Mini Porter in their podcast on Friday – maybe that’s it!

  2. The mini Porter is my permanent log cabin mitts home. At least for this year’s goal of 12 pairs! It’s perfect.

  3. I know the reason! Grocery Girls featured the mini on their new podcast. Hey, at least it wasnt some cheap knock off that people are coming up with.

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