New Favorites: Baby cardigans

New Favorites: Baby cardigans

You guys, I’ve still never knitted a baby sweater, despite lots of babies being born and adopted in my world recently, and there have been two super cute cardigan patterns published lately:

TOP: Cockleshell Cardigan by Amy Christoffers is quick, adorable and clever, from the newest MDK Field Guide: Transparency

BOTTOM: Knit Layette from Purl Soho, by comparison, is a fine-gauge little beauty with an heirloom quality about it, and the pattern also includes a hat and booties


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  1. Love the 3 little Cockleshell cardigans- can you tell me what yarns you used? Just lovely.

    • That photo is of the pattern samples (since, as Karen mentioned, she’s never knit a baby sweater), so if you click the link that Karen posted to the Ravelry pattern page, you’ll see the yarn that was used for the samples (Nutmeg Fibers Hearth, an aran weight merino) in addition to other pattern details!

  2. Baby sweaters give you so much bang for the buck! Easy, but adorable, and people are usually really impressed.

  3. I love baby sweaters – usually quick projects and people love them. Might I also add for consideration: Wee Cardi from Big Bad Wool. I’ve made a bunch of these. Easy peasy – top down and can be adapted for girl or boy button requirements.

  4. Oh I am a baby cardigan knitting fool. They’re the perfect quick baby shower gift and it is the cutest thing in the world to see a baby wearing something you knit. I’ve also been known to do a coordinating baby and dog (first baby) sweater for photos (Be warned, your ovaries may explode: Baby sophisticate is an awesome one with a shawl collar and Wee Sherlock is great for the side buttons. It’s also fun when they get passed down to a younger sibling.

  5. Take a look on Ravelry at “Welcome to the Flock” by Julia Farwell-Clay. It is one of my all time favorites. And anything by Susan B. Anderson.

  6. I knit that Purl Soho sweater for my daughter! It was wonderful to knit it while I was pregnant, wondering who she would turn out to be. I’m knitting another baby sweater now for a dear friend’s impending arrival. I will say, however, that I knit the matching hat from the layette and it turned out HUGE, even though my gauge was correct.

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