Queue Check — April 2018

Queue Check — April 2018

My little sweatshirt-style sweater vest is coming along, as you can see. Between the stockinette doldrums of it, and working too many late nights the past few weeks, it’s taking longer than it rightly should. But it’s currently drying on the blocking board (and surely sleeveless weather is just around the corner), so I need to make some decisions about the edge treatments! I think what I’m going to do is pick and knit 2×2 ribbed bands around the neck and armholes, then see how it hangs. Depending where it hits at the hip, I might pick up stitches and knit a waistband — ribbed? folded and hemmed stockinette? not sure yet! Or, if the length is good as is, I might just do some kind of attached I-cord edge to persuade it to lie flat. Either way, let’s hope I’m wearing it soon. (No pattern; yarn details here.)

The only other thing I have in progress at the moment is the latest in my series of Log Cabin Mitts. They’ve been waiting for their thumbs since around the time I cast on this sweater. When I do get a little knitting time, it feels wrong not to work on that, and so these have languished. Also, this particular pair is not as conducive to being picked up and advanced a little in the gaps here and there, as the blue is natural indigo. In other words, knitting them in the passenger seat on the way to somewhere would mean arriving with blue fingers. That sort of thing! But I’m quite eager to finish them off and further the next pair.

Next up are two accessory projects I can’t talk about, which leaves me pondering what the next garment will be. At the same time, I’m plotting my Summer of Basics plans and other considerations. So for the moment, I’ll just get those secret accessories underway …

Blocking mats and stitch markers at Fringe Supply Co.

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18 thoughts on “Queue Check — April 2018

  1. You have great style, Karen. You have inspired me to rethink my wardrobe basics.
    What prevents the indigo from bleeding on to the natural wool in your mitts?

    • It’s some kind of sorcery, I don’t know. When you knit with indigo yarn, it will always “crock” a little bit, like a new pair of jeans, and I wondered if it would color the natural a little when I put them in to soak. I actually kind of hoped it would and was dreaming up shibori ideas … but no.

  2. I don’t know what to knit next. Not in the mood to work with summer yarns, yet that is what makes sense. I did make a linen Hayward that came out beautifully … and could go for another one, but that was already my second Hayward, so …. blah, blah, blah. (Knitting self-talk in full motion.) Your vest looks great, btw.

    • I’m feeling like a wider, flatter rib will suit this garment and yarn best. I did some 1×1 rib on my swatch and didn’t like the way it looks in this yarn combo, so hoping wider is the answer, but we’ll see!

    • It’s the marvelous Pioneer from Verb, and yeah, with indigo you do have to always expect it to come off on your hands and needles a bit when you’re working with it, but once it’s had a good soak, it’ll be dandy. I just realized as I typed that that maybe I can stop being concerned about blue fingers when I work the thumbs on these …

  3. Karen, a quick question for you about O Wool Balance. I seem to remember you like it….do you see it as as a spring cardi type yarn, or is that wishful thinking on my part?

  4. This little sleeveless sweatshirt is looking so cute–I think it’s going to look amazing on you.

  5. If the blue dye comes off on your fingers while knitting, I would be very worried that it will run into the white when blocking. Have you considered setting the blue dye before starting to knit, or before knitting more? I recently learned that lesson with a gorgeous deep red running into white on socks. oddly it didn’t run into the light blue yarn in the socks.

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