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Happy Friday! This has been one of those weeks that I’ve felt like I was dragging myself through quicksand trying to get through my to-do lists, so I’m extra excited about the weekend and some creative time!

But first, I’ve got a healthy stack of links for you to click around in today—

– One of my very favorite projects from the #fringeandfriendslogalong is @sari_n_’s blanket (photo above), and she’s now posted an in-depth video on YouTube talking about how she’s going about knitting it

– Also, Bonne Marie Burns has published the pattern for her beautiful rendition of “courthouse steps” blanket (20% off with code LOG for a limited time)

– I’m so excited that the long-awaited Vintage Shetland Project has come to fruition, and can’t wait to get my hands on a copy

– How are your favorites faring in MDK March Mayhem?

Here’s a guest list I wish I’d been on!

– “I’ll try anything,” I told her. “Just don’t make me stop knitting.”

– Meanwhile, studies continue to show knitting reduces depression, anxiety and chronic pain (thx, Rach)

– Pretty excited about Denim Days

Yes, please

These swatches. And these.

– “If you have ever wanted to crochet an eyeball …” is my favorite random phrase from Insta lately

– and What’s in your tool pouch? A little or a lot? (Tell me here or there!)

Have a fantastic weekend — see you back here next week!


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8 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Love reading your blog! Watching the video about Vaila was so peaceful and inspiring. The poem read by Louise Scollay was beautiful. Her English is enchanting! I have the day off and can’t pull myself away from your links. Thanks for such a lovely blog.

  2. Dear Karen; i can’t tell you how much I enjoy your Blog. I am writing to ask your permission to use the Log Cabin Mitts pattern to teach a class. Brown Sheep Yarn has just opened the Brown Sheep Fiber Arts Schoolhouse and I want to offer a class in Log Cabin Knitting using your pattern. With your permission of course. I feel your pattern will give my students valuable skills in picking up stitches. I have made 3 sets of mitts myself using Brown Sheep Prairie Spun DK. They are a delight to knit. Thank you for your consideration. Please let me know if I have your permission to use the pattern as soon as possible as I would like to offer the class this spring. Mary A. Whited e-mail mawspin @gmail.com

    • Hi, Mary — thank you for asking! If you’re charging a class fee, I just ask that you donate some small percentage of it to a local homeless or women’s shelter, please. And make sure each student is given a copy of the pattern in its original, unaltered form. Thank you!

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