Books lately

Books lately

I know I normally let books stack up for six months or a year before I tell you about them, but there are two new releases that are too good to let sit!

Above is “Slow Knitting: A journey from sheep to skein to stitch” by Hannah Thiessen, who defines “slow knitting” as “a conscientious choice to respect our materials and the people who make them, but also to respect ourselves and time we devote to the hobby we adore.” Hannah asked me two years ago if I’d be willing to write a little essay for this book, and I was inspired by the way she framed the question she wanted me to answer. I think it’s been about a year and a half since I actually wrote it, and I’m happy that it’s finally out in the world, because it’s my favorite thing I’ve written about what handmade clothes mean to me. But that’s just one page of the meaty book Hannah has put together! It’s broken down into five chapters: Source carefully, Produce thoughtfully, Think environmentally, Experiment fearlessly and Explore openly. Each chapter expounds on what that means, and each includes two patterns plus the stories of the yarns used. The 10 patterns are designed by Pam Allen, Veronik Avery, Julia Farwell-Clay, Carol Feller, Meghan Ferdandes, Norah Gaughan, Bristol Ivy, Kirsten Kapur, Michele Wang and Jennifer Wood. And it’s a gorgeously designed hardcover with lush photos by Katie Meek. I look forward to reading it!

Books lately

Also, my friend Andrea Rangel’s second book just hit the shelves and it’s a doozy. “Alterknit Stitch Dictionary” contains 200 punchy, graphic colorwork motifs, along with guidance on how to use them in projects and/or designs, followed by a handful of fun patterns by Andrea. It’s given me itch to do some colorwork, quick!


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  1. Thanks for the book recommendations. It’s great to be pointed toward books we will love.
    I so enjoy listening to books while I knit. I loved listening to “Knitlandia” by Clara Parkes, which is delightfully read by the author herself, and my all time favorite is Ron Chernov’s “Alexander Hamilton”. Even if you recall very little about the Federalist Period (I’m laughing as I write this, because who does?), you can enjoy this book. This book will turn you into a history whiz completely painlessly, even entertainingly! One of the best aspects of the book is that it reveals that our country was in even greater turmoil in the first twenty years after the Revolution than it is now, yet it survived! So, not only is the content really fascinating, and the style quite engaging, but the message is reassuring. You’ll delight in your new appreciation of our country’s history, political and economic culture, and it also takes about as long to listen to as to knit a cardigan!
    Thanks for your great blog!

  2. Congrats on your contribution to the book! Happy knitting, Heidi Cohen (aka KnittedYarns)

  3. Thanks for sharing about these!! Slow Knitting sounds like something that is right up my alley. I’m at the beginning of learning about slow fashion; first introduced to the idea by Alabama Chanin. I still want to read Overdressed also…

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