Outfits! — Pre-Fall 2017

Outfits! : Pre-fall 2017

Outfits! : Pre-fall 2017

You may have picked up on this already, but I’m not really ready to start putting together fall outfits that I can’t wear anytime soon. But I also want to try something different here — at least for the next few months. Rather than projecting a whole season’s worth of outfits at once, I’m going to try doing it one month at a time. October is a very different situation from December, for example, and things change. I make things and buy things along the way, or discover new and beloved ways of combining things. So for the moment, I’m just doing ten outfits to get through the rest of this month, and then I’ll do October. (And there might be a little Slow Fashion October game to propose, we’ll see.)

For now: I’m trying to make peace with these next ten days of “highs near 90” by focusing on the positive aspects of the lingering warm weather. Like I love my tall boots and only wear them with dresses, and I like dresses best when I can wear them with my tall boots, so this is the moment where I get to indulge in linen and boots at the same time. Likewise, I do really like sleeveless clothes, as you know, and it’s nice to be able to throw a vest on over them. (At least while indoors.) These are some of my very favorite ways to dress, and the window may be narrow. Plus it’s a chance to wear some of my favorite summer outfits at least one more time. So I’m embracing it! I’m embracing it! (I’m really really trying to embrace it.)

A big part of why I don’t feel like myself in summer clothes, I’ve come to realize, is simply that there are no layers. Duh. I am a layerer. Layers are fun and make me happy, and when I first put on my linen Nade tunic over a linen dress and realized that’s one way I can wear layers in summer, it was like the choir of angels singing. The same thing goes for my State Smocks — throwing them on over anything and everything totally changes the look of things. And it solves the pocketless dress problem — God bless ’em — so I’m also distracting myself with the fun of them for the time being. (The sketches up top are outfits 9 and 3 from the lineup.)

So I’m getting to practice my warm-weather layering, but that doesn’t mean I hope it sticks around. Come on, sweater weather! I’ve got so much good stuff I’m eager to play with.

(For details on the garments pictured, see my Fall ’17 inventory and Summer ’17 inventory.
Fashionary sketch templates from Fringe Supply Co.


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20 thoughts on “Outfits! — Pre-Fall 2017

  1. While I love Spring (we never get enough) and Fall/Winter in the south, lingering summers are like house guests that stay too long.
    In the last year, I’ve started hitting Goodwill Stores in search for the not-so-elusive cashmere sweaters and cardigans. Yes, they are out there! Why do I buy them? because in the south, over a sleeveless top is all you need. The power of insulating layering is great with thin merino and cashmere (oh, Alpaca too, though much harder to find). And I do stick with really fine gauge knits.
    I will be making the Timber cardigan (Oct 1) and that will be my Worsted go-to for the winter months.

  2. I am really enjoying these wardrobe thoughts. I’m trying so hard to make sure my closet is me. I’ve been editing and trying to only make what I know I’ll wear. I really want to make a grey cardigan but it will be my first sweater and I keep putting it off because I don’t want to mess it up:/

    • Well, you’ll never know until you try! ;) But seriously, you can’t really mess it up — if something goes wrong, just unravel it and try again later. That’s the beauty of yarn. What pattern are you considering?

  3. Our weather has turned really warm, highs near 100. Layers are just more attractive and helpful to adjust your own personal temperature. I’m knitting a wool sweater and I hope it ever gets cool enough to wear.

  4. I totally get the layering thing. And even here, on the north shore of Lake Ontario, summer is having a last fling with temps going as high as 27C. We are all embracing the warmth, because we know that any day now we will wake up to frost on the car windows. I’m coping by wearing my Dress #1 (sleeveless, teal M&M washed linen) from 100 Acts of Sewing, overtop Pants #1 (navy, Essex). It’s layering for hot weather. No air conditioning here.

  5. As much as I like boots, I’m not ready to let go of my sandles and wedges just yet… It’s still very hot here in Missouri. It usually comes back strong again in mid October. Like these choices you have so far…

  6. I’m really curious to see this cowichan/smock combo (outfit 2). Are you putting the smock underneath the vest?
    It’s so funny to see how different climates affect these choices, and it’s extreme! Here in Seattle now, sandals are pretty much off limits, as we’re hovering in the 50s-60s with tons of rain. So I’m trying hard to figure out my pants situation for fall! And I’ve got to track down a pair of boots!

  7. I have always found dressing for warm weather more of a challenge. I don’t like a lot of bare skin, for one, and layering is just more fun. Plus, in Northern Cal, it is a necessary thing almost year round. I have a sweater on right now, sitting at my computer. By 3pm, it will need to come off. I wish I was a vest person, but my arms and neck are the part of me most easily chilled, so sleeves and scarves are a given. That said, we did have some really hot weather this summer, and a couple of linen and silk boxy tops I made last year came in really handy.

  8. really love your big-pocketed long sleeveless shirt/dress–really cool and the colors! did you design it yourself?

  9. Hi Karen! Can you explain how you put the photos of all your outfits together? Is there a special app you use? Thanks!

    • I just take them with my iPhone, and I piece together the outfits and such in Photoshop, because that’s what I’m comfortable working in. But there are several wardrobe planning apps in the app store than I believe allow you to do the same thing!

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  12. Hi Karen, I love your website and blog! Do you have a pattern for the long shirt-vest with the big pockets. I think I saw a photo of you were wearing that at Rhinebeck with a denim vest over it. I love it. Thanks.

  13. Hi Karen, every time I spot that red-clay button-down boxy dress, I want to know more about it! I’ve been scouring your posts but can’t seem to find mention of it. Can you share more about it? Thanks! ps. all your posts are so inspiring! I wish I had more hours in the day to be an active participant!

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