New Favorites: Quick mitts

New Favorites: Quick mitts

Ever since typing that bit about my single skein of Crooked Fence Farm yarn being destined to become a pair of fingerless mitts, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about which mitts. It’s a humbly gorgeous yarn — the yarn next door who doesn’t know how pretty she is — and I want it to be something simple but not overly plain, quick to knit but not boring. I’m in love with Tante Ehm’s Rime mitts (lower photo), with their simple repeat of slipped knits against reverse stockinette, but think the better choice for this yarn might be Melissa Schaschwary’s Timber Bay Mitts (upper photo) with their alternating waves of k1/p1 textures. I’ll have to keep that in mind as my next little traveling project.


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  1. They are just perfect for reading in bed at night during the winter! We don’t have fully heated houses in São Paulo, Brazil.

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