First of the Best of Pre-Fall 2017: Funnelnecks and midiskirts

First of the Best of Pre-Fall 2017: Funnelnecks and midiskirts

The Pre-Fall 2017 collection images are gathering slowly, but one silhouette trend I’m already loving is the combination of hip-length, funnelneck pullovers with midiskirts and killer boots. Seen here at Adam Lippes (top) — my always-favorite skirt length there, hitting just at the bottom of the kneecap — Protaganist (bottom left) and TSE (bottom right).

Definitely fueling my slouchy turtleneck fantasies


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15 thoughts on “First of the Best of Pre-Fall 2017: Funnelnecks and midiskirts

  1. Lovely silhouettes. I am just so happy fashion is staying into this new trend of slouchy styles with longer skirts, so much easier to wear than the body hugging styles from the previous decade. Next post: a shortlist of great funnel neck patterns ?

    • As an above-average height person with no shortage of curves, I too cannot pull this off. But, seriously, where are their curves?

      • Actually that describes me too, and it definitely works for me – although I mostly wear purchased fine knits (because I overheat in offices), and make the skirt. It’s a new proportion for me, but suddenly what I used to wear looks wrong.

  2. I, too, am petite, however, I can wear a scaled down version of this look; probably need to slim up the skirt a bit to keep it from overwhelming me though. I do love this comfortable-to-wear-silhouette that is chic at the same time. It reminds me of the 90’s somewhat. Great boots also (all pics).

  3. This look reminds me of Carrie Hoge’s Sea Pullover which I have been wanting to make. Moving that one up in the queue…

    • I do when I want to, but I don’t feel I have to – just like I don’t have to smile all the time, no matter how often the abusive men in the street order me to.

  4. MDK is teasing us with the Hadley pullover by Veronik Avery in their new Fair-Isle Field Guide. Looks like it might fit the bill for worsted-weight!

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