Giving thanks and making wishes

Fringe Supply Co. holiday WISH LIST - download and print

I might have overshared a little on Instagram last night, but the fact is life can be hard, business can be hard, but the rewards are plenty. I have so much to be thankful for — my husband and family, my health and my home, and this incredible community. By which I mean each and every one of you. Whatever the triumphs and trials might be, I get to organize my life around the art of knitting — thinking and writing about how we all might be better, smarter, more thoughtful, even better-equipped knitters. And I couldn’t be more thankful — to you and for you.

To the Americans among you, I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving feast today!


For everyone everywhere, I have a little something for you — a downloadable wish list for you to mark up and give to your loved ones, in the hope of getting exactly what you want this holiday season. Assuming that what you want comes from Fringe Supply Co. ;)

Thank you for supporting small business!

11 thoughts on “Giving thanks and making wishes

  1. WOW! I saw the studio photo and my first thought “was there a fire?” so I give thanks that nothing got destroyed just annoyingly displaced. I lived through a summer remodel and I thought it’d never end! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. You could so over the damage done to your studio, not that I recommend it. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I only have eyes for that beautiful and mysterious cowhide. Available before xmas? Lovely and thoughtful work as always, Karen. I am thankful for Fringe!

  4. No oversharing at all.
    And thanks for writing such a consistently thoughtful, creative and welcoming blog for us — I love checking in every morning.

  5. Wish list downloaded, filled out and left in a most conspicuous spot.
    How do I share it on Instagram. Do I share it on your Instagram post (then how do I do this), or do I post it on my Instagram? I’m sorry to be such an ignorant bother.

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