New Favorites: Griffin by Bristol Ivy

New Favorites: Griffin by Bristol Ivy

It’s the little things, truly. This new Griffin Sweater by Bristol Ivy is easy for me to like. It’s gansey-inspired, shawl-collared, and — being a Bristol pattern — a little construction puzzle to be solved. I like a good puzzle. The main motif here is the paired diagonals forming chevrons up the center front and back (and each sleeve) that then swirl up into the collar, and the detail that really gets me is how those diagonals meet at the back of the neck. I love it as a design element, but go read the construction notes and think about it: You’ve got these assorted parts that start at the side/hem/cuffs and make their way upward … getting joined together, taking shape, decreasing into the yoke as you approach the neck, and then at the very end, BOOM! Bullseye.


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  1. this sweater is consummate knitting – construction, texture, color (I could not imagine knitting this in anything but white/cream) it’s a masterpiece but it would be impossible to hide a mistake!! lol

    side note: I emailed you about a week ago about inset pockets on top down sweaters. I just wanted to say thank you for the help!!!! I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy holiday schedule to help me with my knitting!! <3

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