Knit the Look: Jenny Gordy’s comfiest cardigan

Knit the Look: Jenny Gordy's comfiest cardigan

Switching sources for a minute — from our usual Knit the Look street-style scenes — let’s talk about this cardigan seen on Jenny Gordy (of Wiksten) in her Instagram feed on Saturday. The whole outfit is my idea of heaven right now (more on that subject soon) but the cardigan looks like you could just crawl into it and not come out till spring, which is exactly what I’m craving now that the weather has finally turned. Jenny tells me it’s a Toast cardigan from a few years ago, no longer available, but easy enough to simulate. I think it’s literally three rectangles — one back and two fronts — sewn together at the shoulders and side seams. Tubes for sleeves, plus several inches of ribbing around the neckline for a foldover shawl-collar sort of thing. So you could easily come up with your own dimensions and gauge and so on, but if you prefer a pattern, my friend Kathy just recently knitted Pam Allen’s Edith and that seems like a great starting point. The details and proportions are different, of course, so if you want to make it more like Jenny’s, go wider and a little shorter; work standard ribbing; knit the sleeves entirely in ribbing; knit the neckband twice as wide for the foldover; make the pockets larger and ribbed; and omit the decorative panel at the top of the back. Edith is written for Quince and Co wool-alpaca Owl (pictured in Buru); Kathy used Hinterland rambouillet-alpaca Range. I’m sure both are exquisite, but I think for me I’d go with 100% wool and keep it as light and lofty as possible.

TANGENTIAL AND COINCIDENTAL: The second issue of Making magazine has arrived at Fringe Supply Co. and contains patterns by both Jenny and me, and actually just an astonishing number of patterns and projects. You can take a peek and get your copy right here.


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Photo © Jenny Gordy, used with permission

15 thoughts on “Knit the Look: Jenny Gordy’s comfiest cardigan

  1. Call me “olde” but I don’t get the look. You spend so much time on that awesome cardigan to match it up with shortie-and-shredded pants. Nope. Don’t get it.

    • Me, too! But I just thought it remnants of my “bambi” days where my limbs were longer than I could buy pants and I was forever in “high waters” and oh so embarrassed. I blame those memories on my need for basically everything I own to have a tailored fit and nice length.

  2. If you wanted a closer-fitting cardigan with this same vibe, you might consider “Iba” by Bonne Marie Burns of Chic Knits. It’s a looser fitting cardigan but doesn’t have pockets.

  3. Last year, I made Emerson from Brooklyn Tweed; same look but its a bottom up raglan with seams (the only kind of raglan I would make). I am probabaly one of your older readers (70), and I would wear jeans like that…if it weren’t so cold where I live. Wearing a great sweater with distressed jeans cancels out the derelict look IMHO

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  6. You’ve got me thinking I need a cardigan like this, but I am mostly obsessed with her shoes!! Any idea where they came from?? They look like just the ones to grow better with age 😊

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