A shawl for Fall

A shawl for Fall

IT’S SEPTEMBER! And you know what that means: Fall is on its way. Time to think about the beautiful reality of those slightly cool evenings when you just want to wrap yourself up in a little something cozy, before jacket and coat weather kick in. Here are some gems to consider:

1. Tensdale by Patricia Shapiro is such great garter geometry it actually has me itching to knit a triangle shawl again

2. Crosshatch by Jared Flood — from his gorgeous book Woolens — has succeeded in making me want to knit brioche

3. Florence by Bristol Ivy — from the autumn issue of Pom Pom — would be a ton of fun to knit, and to pick yarn for!

4. Ingwer by Melanie Berg is an enticing combination of textures, love to see it even bigger

5. Metronome by Julia Farwell-Clay is just so striking, and I love the shape

6. Meet Me at the Ryman by my beloved Jo Strong is a Nashville tribute that’s also just a really great lace pattern

7. Bittersweet by Amy Christoffers has a sweet allover cable pattern and just makes you want to cozy up in it (free pattern)

For more shawls I’ve loved lately, see my Ravelry favorites.


14 thoughts on “A shawl for Fall

  1. These are all gorgeous. I love looking at pictures of shawls, but I can’t find a way to work them into my wardrobe. I just don’t know how to wear them! And I never see people around me wearing shawls.

    • You’re right, it is not brioche, but is the very similar fisherman’s rib. I used fisherman’s rib for a crib blanket because it was just a little cushier and thicker to the touch than brioche.

  2. Shawls! I love shawls! (Do I have the time right now? Another question entirely…) I very much want to knit Campside by Alice Plummer – especially since she revised it. But then again I want to knit an asymmetrical shawl because of the drape. Its true that I don’t see anyone around here wearing shawls but that’s the appeal. :)

  3. Hmmmm, I’m groovin’ on Metronome and Tensdale. I actually have yarn in my stash, amazing though it may be, for both! I’ve been wanting a nice wrap for fall/winter.

  4. lol I have 4 shawl WIPs right now, and I am carefully not abandoning any of them, so I know exactly what you mean, it is shawl season! I wear them almost every day from September to June, and then in the office in July and August, so I need lots of them, right? I wear them over and under coats outside, and wrapped around my neck and shoulders inside – sometimes thrown across my shoulders (if they are wool and you wear a knit something they stay put – love it) and pretty much anyway I can. Never thought I would like them, but I do, so I keep on knitting them.

    So anyway – thanks for all these great ideas, I will check them out!

    ps I am sure you checked out Kate Davies Hap book? More luscious and creative patterns.

  5. Well, you’ve just caused me to buy Ingwer, and I’ve never knitted with such light-weight yarn before. Oh, my. But I think those photos of the Lake District are what got me. :)

  6. I have been knitting Vildin (by Gudrun Johnston) with my one skein of Green Mountain Spinnery Sock Art Meadow and I am LOVING it. Almost done, and I just know it’ll be a staple this fall. I used to think shawls couldn’t be worked in to what I typically wear, but I just started knitting them in fingering or lace weight yarn with larger needles and that helped a lot.

  7. Fun list! I’ve never worn a traditional shawl before, but I like oversized scarves/wraps. I have my eye on Crosshatch, but I need to learn how to knit brioche, too. Right now I’m working on a giant version of Aquinnah by Kerry Robb and am so excited to wear it when the weather gets cooler!

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