Maker Crush: Brandi of purlBknit

Maker Crush: Brandi of purlBknit

In an effort to feature a larger number of inspiring knitter-sewer-makers wherever they may be (from blogs to Instagram to Etsy to who knows), I’m expanding Blog Crush into what will now be called Maker Crush. And I’m kicking it off with my crush on Brandi of purlBknit, who maintains a beautiful Instagram feed and inspiring Etsy shop of the same name. I just ran across her on Insta for the first time when I saw an announcement of the all-day event she’s hosting as a resident at Marlee‘s sweet Grand Rapids shop-residency, Have Company. (April 10th, wish I could be there!) As one can see at even a quick scroll, Brandi has fierce personal style and a poet’s heart. Her photos are stunning, as are her designs. In particular, I’m dying over her Shawl Collar and wishing for a pattern. The good news is, there are hints on her IG feed that patterns are in the pipeline, and may be coming along pretty much any minute. I’ll be watching and waiting!


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16 thoughts on “Maker Crush: Brandi of purlBknit

  1. ha ha!! LOVE that we are so in sync — just posted a chat with Brandi at Morning on the Dock yesterday– she is ALL that you share above. Such a bright light in this world. xo

  2. LOVE knits with close shorn hair! The young girls in the London Fashion Scene are going Sinead O’Connor and shaving their heads these days – so fresh and cool and really lets the clothes shine! Thanks for this link!

  3. Oh, I love Brandi so much! I’ve been following her on Instagram for awhile now and I am so in love with everything she makes!

  4. there is a pattern for sale on her etsy shop…hope there is more to come too.

  5. Love her style! I’ll be following her on Instagram for sure and checking out the Morning on the Dock podcast. Also, great photos. I really need to up that part of my game.

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