There’s a new Field Bag in town!

Fringe Field Bag — now in Toffee!

Fun news today! But first a little back story: Late last year, I had the Fringe Supply Field Bag sewn up in a whole bunch of colors, planning to pick a couple to put into regular production in time for the holidays. In addition to the original natural canvas, there had to be black and grey, and I had always envisioned it in a true army green, which I had finally found a source for. We sampled all of those — including three different greys — threw in a couple of more khaki-like grey-greens, and at the last minute I also called in a few yards of this classic workwear golden brown. (Think Carhartt.) When the sewers set the samples in front of me, I was stunned at how great it looked in this color — so much so that DG and I had a serious discussion about whether to put this ahead of the army green. It was that good. Having always wanted it to be army, though, I opted to stay with the original plan — but it was hard holding back on this one, I gotta tell ya. DG laid claim to that sample and I’ve been jealous of it ever since. In fact, the only consolation when it turned out army would be short-lived is I knew we still had this to look forward to!

I’m thrilled to tell you this beauty, which we’re calling Toffee, has now officially joined the Field Bag lineup and is available right now at Fringe Supply Co. — we are shipping this morning before heading to Stitches this afternoon, so if you order early it will be on its way today!

It’s also in these U.S. stores today: Tolt Yarn and Wool, Madder Market, Gather Here, Fancy Tiger, Fibre Space, A Verb for Keeping Warm, Brooklyn General, Purl Soho, Knitterly, The Yarnery, Firefly Fibers and Haus of Yarn. And internationally you’ll find it: in Australia at Sunspun, England at YAK, Canada at Handknit Yarn Studio, France at L’Oisivethe and La Bien Aimee, and Iceland at Litla Prjonabudin. So if you’re near any of those, pop on over!

Or if you’re at Stitches South here in Nashville, come see us in Booth 505/507, where hopefully we have enough to last out the weekend!

11 thoughts on “There’s a new Field Bag in town!

  1. My brain is racing. I could buy all colors and designate a color for specific kinds of projects. Black for socks, toffee for hats, grey for sweaters and my cream canvas for all other types. A way to organize all my startitis projects.

  2. Just wanted to say that I’ve been trying to be very intentional about my knitting-related purchases this year and was thus waiting for the “perfect” (for me) Field Bag color. And this was the one. I called AVFKW after I saw your IG post and bought it and picked it up this weekend. Love it! Thanks, Karen.

  3. I wanted the natural but know it would get dirty too quick so thanks so much for this new color!! It’s perfect and I’m treating myself for my bday❤️

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