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Hey, thank you all so much for the great responses on this week’s Q for You — it was really striking to see so many comments begin with “I learned from my mom …” — and for all the fantastic suggestions in response to my plea about camel-colored yarn yesterday. You’ve reminded me of several great yarns I was overlooking, and also suggested a couple I hadn’t heard of before. So I’ve got some research to do!

Not a lot of links this time around, but good ones—

– Life goal: Edinburgh Yarn Festival (official site)

This guy

This sweater

Iris Apfel forever

A brief history of long underwear (which is even more fascinating and relevant than it sounds!)

How can Lidl (or anyone) sell jeans for £5.99 … ? Say it with me …

Speaking of yarn festivals, this time next week we’ll be at Stitches South here in Nashville, where we’re sharing a sort of mega-booth with Camellia Fiber Company — we’re booth 503/505 and Rebekka is 507. We’ll also have a couple of special guest yarns in our booth (details tba), along with the full array of Fringe Supply Co. goods! DG has been working his fingers to the bone getting us ready; I’m en route to Atlanta today for some provisions; we’re finalizing booth plans on Monday, setting up on Weds/Thurs; and we have a very exciting announcement to make here on Thursday (first day of Stitches) that is not just for Stitches attendees. So it’s big fun times around Fringe HQ right now. We hope to see a bunch of you at the show — make a beeline for 505, and be sure to say hello!

Have a happy weekend—



Photos from @loritimesfive and the Met via Fiber Archive

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  1. I too googled the Lidl link and found the Guardian article. Heartbreaking and infuriating. :(

  2. This is going deep into childhood primal girl mind, but the long underwear article reminds me — in a move I didn’t know was radical, Louisa May Alcott advocated that kind of clothing system in _Eight Cousins_.

      • okay cool!!! I know you’ll let us all know if you plan on going, I’m just fantasizing about touching the canvas bags in person lol

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