Idea Log: Three sweaters haunting my thoughts

Idea Log: Three sweaters haunting my thoughts

This is a much less complex Idea Log than past installments, albeit in triplicate. Here we have three very simple sweater ideas, spurred by specific yarns, that I can’t stop thinking about knitting. So I’m recording them for the moment rather than making any queue commitments:

1. I think I’ve abandoned the whole Penguono project. (For me to ever complete a knitting project, I have to be entirely covetous of the FO, and I’m just not in this case.) But these insane skeins of black-and-white handspun yarn I got from Rebekka in the course of things keep begging to become a sleeveless tunic. I’m imagining a slightly oversized, crewneck version of my turtleneck.* It would be so quick and simple and delicious, but also a bit of an investment by the time I acquired enough skeins.

Idea Log: Three sweaters haunting my thoughts

2. A little birdie pointed me to this new Purl Soho yarn, Linen Quill — I don’t think it’s even been officially announced yet — and omigod I cannot stop imagining the perfect sweater for each gorgeous color. (Held double, of course.) But the ones that are haunting me most are an easy wide-cropped cardigan (you see I’m debating the sleeve shape) in the Kettle Black — despite my having knitted 3 black sweaters in the last few months! —and …

Idea Log: Three sweaters haunting my thoughts

3. … a simple little tank in the Rose Granite. I’ve been wanting a pretty pale pink top since seeing a certain J.Crew photo in late 2014 (blush top, lilac cardigan, army pants, so good), and have been imagining it as a slinky woven item, but now I think it would be amazing in this yarn. Only question is how it would look with my skin.

*I know, y’all. I would really love to write that pattern, but there’s never time. Hopefully one of these days!

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  1. Oh, please write a pattern for the “wide-cropped cardigan”. It is what I’ve been looking for for ages.

  2. How about a KAL in the future for one of the sweaters? I have made one sweater and I am ready for another but would love to follow along for another one with sleeves. I have a lot to learn. I love your idea about the body in the round but knitting the sleeves flat. I keep monitoring your site for a Kal as you have wonderful pictures and easy to follow advice. Have a great day, Mary.

  3. I would love to have a pattern at some point for your easy cropped sweater, and would keep it sleeveless as drawn. Would make a great summer addition in a silk/cotton blend!

  4. The black and white seems destined for greatness. For a moment, I thought of it in conjunction with the sleeveless Dries Van Noten sweater from a few posts back. Why not make a mottled aran-inspired top? It’s kind of what you’ve drawn on top.

  5. *shakes fists* I’ve been researching linen tanks!!! that rose is gonna be a perfect tank!!!

  6. Oh dear, these will now be haunting my thoughts too (that colour scheme, wow!). Thanks for sharing (I think)!

  7. Okay- I’m going to NYC this weekend with Elizabeth and I am buying up all of that linen yarn ;) It is just too gorgeous! I think if you had a bit of a tan, you could totally pull off that pink. I always think a tan makes those colors easier to wear. Do you have any patterns in mind for that tank?

  8. Ok, the Purl Soho introduction of Linen Quill just popped up in my mailbox and I could not resist. Must try it out on hats – it sounds so luscious! And I love the vest sketch. Very much want to knit simple tank tops like that!

  9. Quill indeed is gorgeous (in the pics)…colors are fantastic! …just wish there was info on where it was sourced/produced, etc. Anyone heard/seen/more info? (surely I could contact PurlSoho…but just thought I’d ask).

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  11. Oh that blush pink! Blush pink is a guilty weakness in my stash. I’m currently knitting the Shibui Knits Slope Tank in Charcoal, but I want the same tank as you in that blush! If you don’t write a pattern, the slope tank would work in that as well, too, I think?

    Love these inspirations – dreaming of what to knit is my favorite part of knitting, so I love hearing your thought process!

    – Natalie

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