New Favorites: Giant sheep

New Favorites: Giant sheep

You guys, I find myself daydreaming about a stuffed animal, and it’s all Purl Soho’s fault. I thought the Bobble Sheep Pillow was super cute and well done when they first published the pattern a few years ago, but I mean, it’s a pillow that looks like the profile of a sheep — not a thing I typically obsess about making or having. But from the minute I saw the new Giant Bobble Sheep version sitting all by its plump self in that plaid chair, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. Am I any more of a stuffed animal person than a sheep-shaped pillow person? Nope. And yet I have imagined this sitting in each room of my house — on the couch, on the living-room daybed, in a Danish Modern chair, on the guest bed. Who knew a stuffed animal/pillow could look so chic.


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  1. That is super compelling! I am making a little elephant with sweater and shorts for my great nephew (is that a term?) pattern by Julie Andrews who has a series of adorable critters with even more adorable outfits. But this sheep is something I , being an animal lover, would cherish on my couch (next to the dog, of course!). Thank you for sharing – I hadn’t seen this wooly bear.

  2. I, too, bookmarked this pattern. It’s super cute. Sometimes I need that. Besides, I can’t have an actual sheep; this is a good substitute.

  3. I know!!! Had it queued since it came out – think I’ll have to get to it soon :)

  4. Oh girl! I’m with yah. I’ve dreamed of these sheep since they first came out. In fact, I have this very yarn shown to make Purl Sohos giant bobble blanket. Might need to get some more!!

  5. Haha! You’re not alone! I was in NYC last week and visited Purl. I saw these two in real life and it was all I could do to keep from buying the kit (the main issue being no space in my suitcase!). I want them!!

  6. I made the Falling Bobbles blanket out of a (much) cheaper yarn. Might have to do the same with this one – super cute!

    • We may have crossed paths! I was visiting New York last week and made a special side trip to Purl Soho. In real life, these sheep pillows are awesome! (Hmm… maybe next to my faux-cheetah beanbag chair…?)

  7. I agree — normal sized sheep pillow? A bit too cute/country/nursery for me. Unusually large sheep pillow? Whole other story. I think it’s the unexpectedness of the scale that makes it go from cute to chic.

    I’m very tempted, even though it would mean an awful lot of bobbling on size 17s! And I’ll be honest — I’d probably use DROPS Polaris or Cascade Magnum (plus something worsted weight), not the pattern yarn. Both have some sheep-y shades, won’t totally break the bank, and I think I’d prefer a sheep with a bit more woolly texture anyhow. Or — ooooh — Borgo de’Pazzi Firenze Naturalia, which is in the same price range as Magnum but organic, undyed (actual sheep colors!) and undeniably sheep-y.

  8. I’m completely coveting that sheep too. I have to knit one. I want to have it on my favorite couch or on my bed. I love that thing :)

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  10. Would someone be able to post the pattern? This is the first I have seen this beautiful fluffy sheep

  11. I made this sheep using a Patons yarn yarn that called for size 15 needles. It hardly cost anything. You can use any yarn and use the recommended needle size and the sheep’s size will be in tune with that. TIP: colour the different roes to keep track of each row and be very mindful of ticking off the rows. It’s impossible to find your waynifmyou lose it …. The effort is well worth it. Everyone who comes over tucks the sheep under their arm and with the other hoists a glass of whatever. Everyone loves it and I am on my second one which will be smaller because I’m using a finer yarn.

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