New Favorites: Shawl collars and cables

New Favorites: Shawl collars and cables

It always seems awkward to post about cable sweaters in spring and summer (it’s so hard on me!!) but since it’s technically still winter, I’m squeezing this in. It makes me really happy that people are still using the #fringeandfriendsknitalong tag — from the Amanda knitalong of 2014. Another gorgeous shawl-collar version was just completed this week, and I still covet Meg’s version (even though I have my Bellows). But as much as I love that pattern, it doesn’t make sense to knit it again. So I’m crushing on these two new shawl-collar beauties:

TOP: Jess by Amy Miller features an allover combination of straightforward cables and braids, along with a plush ribbed collar

BOTTOM: Milk Stout by Thea Colman contrasts more elaborate nested cables and honeycomb with ribbed sleeves and a garter-stitch collar, and I love the saddle-shoulder construction

You know, if you want one ready to go for next fall (or plan to spend the summer on a windy northern coast), now is a good time to cast on …


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22 thoughts on “New Favorites: Shawl collars and cables

  1. Just *look* at those plump cables in Amy Miller’s design! And the shawl collar is so plush. And that Milk Stout is downright distracting! Both could be great Rhinebeck Sweaters if we start now, amiright?

  2. Spring is closing in on us and I’ve still got winter WIPs on the needles. Not to mention the queue…

    • Same here ! I did start my Homeycomb sweater end of October but did not manage to complete it in time for winter. Two sleeves to go and it will probably be summer here by the time I finish. Typical!

  3. Michele Wang’s Rowe is another beautiful cardigan, and wonderfully written pattern.

  4. Thanks so much for the shout out! :) Loving the Jess! Just cast on Georgetown from Hannah’s (Knitbot) Home and Away. OMG, I can’t believe how fast this is knitting up! Granted there are no cables, but I feel like I learned so much from #fringeandfriendsknitalong that I can really move forward with any project! Thanks so much for all you help Karen!

    • ooh can you share your rav or ig? I wanna see your yarn and process for georgetown. are you doing it seamed or seamless?

  5. Ahh, they’re so gorgeous! I just saw Milk Stout in my Instagram feed this week and my jaw dropped; I’m also seriously considering starting Snoqualmie by Michele Wang yet this month (thank you, tax refund!). We just got a couple inches of snow the other day here in WI so I don’t feel quite so guilty thinking about cables this time of year ;)

  6. Thank you for the Amanda knitalong posts! I’ve been obsessively reading the posts and just ordered the book. I can’t wait to get started. Your posts have really inspired me to start knitting sweaters–i started with knitbot’s Lesley, just finished BT Docklight. I just started knitting Bellows and it is knitting up so quickly.

  7. I see Thea Colman’s name and I get a leap of excitement. I’ve knit any number of her hats and love her patterns. These cardigans are gorgeous!

  8. I’ve been thinking about starting a really complex shawl collared cardigan in June so that I have it for late September/October and can take my time knitting it. And Milk Stout has a saddle shoulder that I love!!

  9. I’m a sucker for cabled sweaters. Who cares if it’s July and you post them. These are great!

  10. How are you feeling about the shoulders on these beauties? I’ve got some strong (read: big) shoulders from years of swimming and water polo.

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