New Favorites: Mad hatting

New Favorites: Mad about hats

I have this vision of a time in the future when my wardrobe is in good working order (no more rush to fill in all the gaps) and I can simply knit 1 or 2 carefully chosen sweaters per year, at my leisure. Then the rest of my time can be spent knitting hats! There is such an endless stream of good pattersn, and we all know how relatively quick and gratifying they are. These are my current obsessions:

TOP: Fidra by Gudrun Johnston (as knitted/shot by Kathy) is just good chunky fun

MIDDLE LEFT: Halus by Jared Flood is even more good chunky fun

MIDDLE RIGHT: Buck’s Hat by Thea Colman is cable-based basketweave used to great effect (See also: Manx from my fall hat roundup)

BOTTOM: Holt by Alicia Plummer features allover puff stitch for a simply gorgeous hat


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Fidra photo by Kathy Cadigan used with permission

20 thoughts on “New Favorites: Mad hatting

  1. ack you are a scary/good influence. I’ve made two of the 1898 hats thanks to you, and have now just purchased 3 of the patterns above. thanks Sally from Topsy Farms

  2. Although I don’t fantasize about knitting lots of hats (I wonder why not?), I have the same vision of a someday when my wardrobe is more or less complete, and I just work on thoughtfully replacing things that are wearing out, or (gasp!) making things for other people. At least on the sewing side, it’s slowly coming true. I have hope.

  3. Ah. I share your wardrobe goal as articulated. I love all of these hat patterns. What a great idea to use a hat as an achievable defined way to try out a new yarn or new technique. What fun. I already loved hats and now even more so. This year, I’m actually making hats for myself and my husband. He’s in the lead with three (plus one that “escaped”) to my one. I have my sights set on a few of those. If I may put in a plug for beanie styles in the next hat along series as well as for a summer start date! I need to get out to Tolt to get yarn for my Anna vest first.
    I’m going to try to be more deliberate in the pre-cast on planning. Your enthusiasm is inspiring. Perhaps that will help me get over the hump and just try a sweater already. I’m so impatient with my fear of this.

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  8. Fidra is a beautiful, creative, inventive and stupendous design. Amazing to realize that many of the hats are much more stunning than the ones in regular magazines.

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