Elsewhere: yarny links for your clicking pleasure

From the thought-provoking to the entertaining, here are the latest links I think are worth following:

– Oh, but first: please tell The National Needlearts Association a little about yourself for a chance to win a $100 gift card

– I am So. Seeing. This movie. (Will watch once for the sweaters, once for the scenery, then again for the story)

– And wish I could see this exhibition

– In case you haven’t read it: The health benefits of knitting (h/t everyone)

– Major style crush

– Kate’s coat, swoon

– That time Jimmy Beans yarnbombed the Sundance Film Festival

– Angela Lansbury in a killer Cowichan-inspired sweater; and the pattern is still available! (h/t @cchandorf)

– Good interview with Tara St. James of Study-NY about building a sustainable fashion brand
— wouldn’t it be amazing if all clothing tags looked like this?

– The three types of books you should have in your knitting library

– And that’s gotta be a pretty awesome moment

IN SHOP NEWS: We’re about to be out of the black Field Bag for a minute (we have precious few at the moment!) while we get black and grey into our select Field Bag stores around the world, but we do have a fresh batch of grey in stock today! We also got in quite a few varieties of buttons this week, so if there’s a particular size/style you’ve been looking for, check to see if we have it!



17 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Wow! I almost fell out of my chair with the Maya Jankelowitz link. (Good thing I wasn’t holding my coffee.) My kind of style presentation: happy, real, beautiful and clothes that so fit this person all the way around. Gorgeous!

  2. LOVE everything about this post!!! : THANK YOU!!!
    Favs. : the Denim Exhibit (the most perfect fabric : going soon!!) and RAMS!!! (can’t wait!!!)

  3. Wow – What a morning you made me! I was just looking at a woolfolk pattern – Knus – that reminds me a bit of the camel wool top on Maya from ES. Thanks, thanks.

  4. Rams is AMAZING. I loved it. (There were lots of knitters in line at the theater, naturally.) Sheep, and sweaters, and Iceland, and border collies – marvelous.

    It played at FilmColumbia (http://www.filmcolumbia.com/) in October. I live a bike ride away from Chatham. I’ve seen some gems at that festival over the past few years.

  5. Here in Helsinki, Finland, the movie is coming out as well. I am going to see Hrútar tomorrow! Iceland + wool + sheeps is a combination like no other!

  6. I saw Rams at a film festival a few months back and I agree with everyone that it is magnificent! I was interested in it mostly because of the whole sheep/wool/stunning-Icelandic-landscapes aspect but the story of the brothers ended up being really beautiful and moving. Definitely go see it if it’s playing near you!

  7. The Rams film trailer immediately made me think of photographer Elin Hoyland ‘s photo series of real-life brothers Harald and Mathias Ramen in rural Norway. I wonder if the movie is based on these two? thank you for sharing, KT! can’t wait to see this- xo

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