FO Sightings: Sina’s socks

FO Sightings: Sina's socks

When I first saw these socks in @threehazels’ Instagram feed I got instant heart eyes, but the more she tells me about them, the more amazed I am. Three Hazels is a young German woman named Sina, living in Sweden, and her socks were inspired by the Perianth Mittens pattern by Barbara Gregory. But Sina wanted the flowers on her feet. Like most devout sock knitters, Sina knows her preferred stitch count and heel method (“I like [the short-row heel] the most when knitting the heel in a different colour”) and can cast on with abandon. I assumed she borrowed Gregory’s colorwork charts and reworked them to fit neatly into her counts, but no: “At first I wrote down a chart containing all the different flowers, rows and stitches for the top part of the sock, but with getting  more comfortable with the patterns I started to place the flowers randomly.” That is crazy impressive, and the socks are beautiful. The yarn is a local Swedish wool, making them all the more special.

For more from Sina, check out @threehazels on Instagram, and she’s also vowed to post more about knitting and other subjects on her blog.


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Photos by @threehazels, used with permission

13 thoughts on “FO Sightings: Sina’s socks

  1. oh my! Those socks! BTW….been using my army green field bag….love it! I’ll get a picture up on IG soon :) My kids cannot keep their hands off my little stitch marker pouch from you… is adorable. I’ve had to shoo them away b/c I don’t want to lose it!

  2. Those are one of the most beautiful pairs of socks I’ve ever seen! The colors, for sure. But the random flowers – oh, my!

  3. Beautiful blog . Wish she would write the pattern, would buy it!! But if I try a bit maybe I can get near to her version: cast on 60- 64 stitches, German heel on 40 stitches on one side(80 total)… which means she increased after the elastic band at the beginning of the sock. Maybe she will write the pattern if somebody asks her nicely! Karen can you help?

  4. Love these socks! I made a baby blanket using the Perianth pattern…just beautiful. I also love, love, love this blog. It has to be the best out there! Thank you, Karen.

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