Knit the Look: Anya Ziourova’s cropped raglan

Knit the Look: Anya Ziourova's cropped raglan

While I’m not the biggest fan of the overall butterscotchness of this outfit photographed on Russian fashion editor Anya Ziourova, I like the proportions: cropped, fitted sweater with slim, high-waisted skirt. And I like that the subtle marl of the yarn gives just a tiny bit of interest to a fairly simple pullover. For knitting a version of this one, I would definitely say just improvise it top-down. Pick two low-contrast shades of your favorite fingering-weight yarn and hold them together (pictured is Loft in Fossil and Tallow); knit a swatch to get your stitch gauge; and go for it. To capture the interesting bits of Anya’s sweater, work the sleeves and six or eight raglan stitches in 1×1 rib. Work the body in stockinette until just below the bust, then switch to 1×1 and knit until just above your belly button, or just enough to overlap the waistband of your favorite high-waisted skirt or pants.

See Vanessa’s post for full-length shots of this ensemble.

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Street style photo © Vanessa Jackman; used with permission

8 thoughts on “Knit the Look: Anya Ziourova’s cropped raglan

  1. Looks like a little bit of the 1×1 rib along the side seam too. I’m trying to figure how you keep the raglan increases in the 1×1 as you add those stitches and keep unbroken lines.

    • I was spitballing “6 0r 8” and should have actually said 5 or 7 or 9, since you’d want it to be an odd number for symmetry, and how many just depends how wide you want the “seam” to be. But anyway, you’d put a marker on either side of those seam stitches and just work 1×1 rib between the markers. And you work your increases to the outsides of the markers, so the increased stitches are either part of the sleeve or part of the body (not part of the raglan seam itself). When you come to those increased stitches within the sleeve ribbing on the next round, just work them as whatever the ribbing calls for. If the stitch next to it is a knit, then work a purl, and vice versa. Make sense?

  2. Thanks for the links, Karen, I can see my next sweater project must be a cropped sweater. Now, back at you–have you seen the Winter Vogue Knitting preview? There’s a plaid cardi by Deborah Newton much like the one you posted a photo of a while back, and a Cowichan-inspired vest by Yoko Hatta.

  3. the “butterscotchness” does look a little off at this time of year but I can see that combo working great in late March when it is still sweater weather here in the cold north country but you really want to wear something that looks like Spring.

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