Queue Check — November into December 2015

Queue Check — November into December 2015

When last we spoke of this, in late October, I was setting aside my black Anna vest to work on much-needed pullovers for myself and my beloved husband. I’m sorry to have to admit that the husband’s has gotten short shrift. As noted, I took the Sawkill yarn with me on my Seattle trip last month and managed to knit most of two sleeves and a twisted hem for the body of mine by the time I got home. (Haven’t had a minute for it since.) And I finally got the time and nerve to cast on Bob’s sweater just this week. As much as I want it to be saddle-shouldered and knitted bottom-up, I’m doing it top-down and raglan for the sake of having the best possible chance of getting the fit exactly how he wants it. (It’s been so long since I did a top-down sweater, I had to consult my own top-down tutorial to make sure I remembered how!) This is dull knitting, these two stockinette sweaters, but we’ll both be thrilled to have them if I can just stick it out!

And fortunately, there are Fringe Hatalong hats to break up the monotony. I cast on my Seathwaite at long last — I’m trying it in the new YOTH Father (given to me by Veronika when I was in Seattle) and knitting on 7s, crossing my fingers the fabric and size both turn out ok without a swatch! (So dumb, but sometimes we gamble.) And I’ll have news of the final Hatalong of the year very very soon!


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  1. There’s something very yummy about TOTH yarns…I wrapped my hand around a skein of caviar and took it home…wish we had more availability but that’s wonderful and unique.

  2. made two l’arbre hats for xmas gifts and just printed out Seathwaithe that will be knitted up in orange (maybe for me!) – great hats, Karen! Love my Audrey too. Looking forward to seeing what the last one of the year will be!

  3. Ha, I am using 7s too, no swatch, hoping like you it will turn out all right for my big head. I’ve made it to the first 20 rows, it is looking really good so far.

  4. Do most knitters juggle a few projects? I love your photos of WIP. I have made a pact with myself (and often the only set of certain size of needles)to make one project and then start another. Not sure if I can keep it through the new year!

  5. I did provisional cast on with Cumbria on size 4’s. Afraid it won’t be big enough for my large head?! Very nervous making. Will check when I get some pattern done.

  6. I was just reviewing your top-down tutorial last night and considering casting on a new basic stockinette pullover for myself! I decided to finish some other projects first, but I really want a new sweater. I’m sure yours and your husband’s will be worth the monotony. :)

  7. I hope you’ll consider continuing the Hatalong series! I really enjoyed discovering new (to me) designers, and helping my knitting friends expand their skills!

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