New Favorites: from Olga’s “Capsule” collection

New Favorites: from Olga's "Capsule" collection

The week before Thanksgiving, Brooklyn Tweed released their first collection of knitting patterns by a single designer, in this case Olga Buraya-Kefelian, which was also the debut of a new series of printed books they’re calling Capsule. Olga’s Capsule 1 collection is a little bit of everything — cables, lace and colorwork; garments and accessories — and definitely shows her range. The peplum sweater, Nobu, is completely fascinating from a construction point of view (the back of it, in particular, is just stunning) but my favorite pieces in the collection are the simpler ones:

TOP: the Tatara curved/scrunchy fingerless mitts are reminiscent of those bendy straws and promise to be a fun knit

BOTTOM LEFT: the Ebb ombré dress is a 60s-meet-90s mini knitted top-down with contiguous sleeves and sweet pockets

BOTTOM RIGHT: the Jujika colorwork cowl features my favorite interlocking crosses motif, so I’m an easy target!


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11 thoughts on “New Favorites: from Olga’s “Capsule” collection

  1. These are all so great. The interlocking plus signs (!) would be interesting to try using Shetland wools, going light/dark with a bunch of shades.

  2. I will have to order this book if I can’t find it in my LYS because I love just about everything. This Capsule contains everything you need for a chic and comfortable knitted wardrobe.

  3. I’m one of those who was immediately struck by Nobu, which reminds me of a Noro sweater that I love that is getting a little long in the tooth; however, there are a number of great patterns in this collection. But I have to be strong! I have to make the things I’ve been planning on knitting for awhile now. Maybe in a few months…

  4. Sorry to say this collection didn’t really speak to me. I can appreciate the design and craftsmanship but something is missing for my taste and what I would want to immediately cast on. So glad Jared is finally doing a print book though. His photos are always amazing!

  5. I quite fancy Cusp, yes cables always call to me, but it’s the first time I’ve seen a poncho that not only looks like a pullover, but wouldn’t swallow me up n one gulp…

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