The rainbow of Seathwaites

A rainbow of Seathwaite hats (free pattern)

The only knitting I’ve done since I got back from Seattle two weeks ago was one night when I worked the last few rows of my superbulky stockinette hat. Which means I’m positively dying to knit — and specifically dying to knit my Seathwaite. I’m torn about yarn, though. I want this one to be mine all mine, need it to be a little bigger than the pattern dimensions, and don’t want to go up a needle size with the Cumbria and the cables and have it look less perfect than the original. So I need to pick a yarn I can cable on 7s. But meanwhile, I’m admiring the hell out of all the hats appearing on the #fringehatalong feed! Whereas our last hat, Laurus, inspired all kinds of variations, what stands out about the Seathwaites is the incredible range of colors and yarn types and how great it looks in every iteration, from ivory to black, pale pink to magenta, chartreuse to forest green, you name it. Here’s just a sampling—

ROW 1: Our beloved test knitter @jo.strong1’s in Cumbria (Scaffel Pike) (modeled by Meg) and @thegirlmoth’s in Cumbria (Helvellyn)

ROW 2: @iiinesg’s in Beiroa (Branco), minus the doubled brim, and @modaveloce’s in Cumbria (Windermere) (photo from @toltyarnandwool)

ROW 3: @blueberryhillcrafting’s in unspecified Bumblebirch Yarn and @knitpurlpdx’s in, I believe, Cumbria (Dodd Wood)

ROW 4: @lauraadarby’s in Portland Tweed (discontinued? color unknown), with a fold-up brim, and @recklessglue’s in Galway Highland Heathers (color unknown)

And of course, there are tons more on Instagram and Ravelry.

It’s never too late to cast on any of the Fringe Hatalong hats and join the fun. Just pick one out — they’re all linked in the right rail of the blog — and jump in with hashtag #fringehatalong!


PREVIOUSLY in the Fringe Hatalong Series: No. 5: Seathwaite by Kate Gagnon Osborn

6 thoughts on “The rainbow of Seathwaites

  1. Wow this is making me want to cast on! Gorgeous. <3

    One thing I wanted to say real quick is that it would be nice to highlight some of the Ravelry projects. Not everyone is on Instagram.

    Happy knitting! xo

  2. I want to make this hat so much but I am also struggling to chose yarn. I need a heavier yarn than suggested as I have a big head. Or I’ll have to alter the pattern to accomodate. So undecided yet.

  3. Ah! These are beautiful! I have started mine – in the middle of The Move. Knitting the brim was the perfect relaxer. Other, more complex projects, just ended up being ripped out as the mistakes mounted, But the brim is all I’ve done so far. Now that the unpacking is calming down, I’ll be tracking down the pattern (lost at the moment) or reprinting and get going again. I’ll second the “not on Instagram” request. Often feel out of the loop there. (Not enough to get an iPhone, though.)

  4. Aw, thank you for featuring the top of my head (as photographed by knitpurlpdx). I did use Cumbria (and a little Woolfolk Tynd for the inner brim), though in Hadrian’s Wall.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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