New Favorites: For him

New Favorites: For him

So that stockinette sweater I’m about to be knitting for my poor handmade-sweater-deprived husband? I’m harboring fantasies that after I finish this one, I’ll get away with knitting him something more interesting. I’d love to knit and see him in any of these—

TOP: Shire by Lisa Richardson looks especially great in this low-contrast color palette

MIDDLE: Cotswold Henley by Meghan Babin features some first-rate texture blocking

BOTTOM: Mount Robson Pullover by Jessie McKitrick, well, you know how much I love a military-inspired sweater

Might just have to knit that last one for myself.


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20 thoughts on “New Favorites: For him

  1. Yes, I’m down with the last one as well; love the classic styling. I have an US Army sweater, given to me by my father, which is quite similar. And Lee, those bearded hipsters are everywhere!

  2. Man I’d love to knit my husband one of these! I told him he could pick any sweater he liked from my Ravelry page, and he picked Timberline by BT. So gorgeous, but it’s going to take me all winter!!

  3. I also immediately thought “Oh, I am going to knit that one for myself” when I saw the last one.

  4. I love that henley. I think Interweave Knits has come out with some nice sweaters for men lately. There’s a colorwork one in that issue that I also really like.

  5. nice to see so many handsome, wearable knits for men coming out lately – just ordered the yarn for the henley last week!

  6. I also, sadly, have one of those handmade sweater deprived husband things.. glad you posted this, as I think he might like Mt. Robson! (Part of why he’s deprived is because he’s picky about patterns. Not that I blame him one bit.) Thanks for sharing, as always!

  7. The last one kinda reminds me of Oshima (for him) by Jared Flood. I wish my significant other liked wearing sweaters. He still only wears hoodies when he’s cold.

  8. Just moved to Florida and Boyfriend has barely worn the Knitbot yoked pullover I made for him last year. I think I will just make sweaters for myself from now on and all three of these are now on my list!

  9. I will add one more to your list….check out Guston by Ann Budd.
    I knit this for my son when he was 15 years old….he spent hours searching through patterns on Ravelry and this is the one he chose. I loved knitting it and it looked so good on him…well, still does look good on him. It just fits a little tighter now, but he likes that as it shows off his nice biceps.

  10. I feel so blessed that my husband grew up in wool loving New England with knitters in his family. He will wear anything including the most garish color worked sweaters and twisted knotted cables in wool that feels like thorns. Unfortunately he runs warm and finds our Maryland winters much too mild for wool.

  11. I’m almost finished with the Sawyer sweater from Brooklyn Tweed for my husband – his first handknit sweater. I’m obsessed with the last one. Love it so much!!

  12. Just ordered yarn for Shire – maybe I should’ve figured out how to obtain the pattern BEFORE I ordered the yarn??? How does one go about purchasing a Rowan Brochure like “Hemp Tweed”? Does anyone know? I’ve searched High and Low – am I missing something? thanks for your help…

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