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I’m tardy in casting on my Seathwaite for the #fringehatalong. It didn’t seem like the right thing for last week’s trip, when I’d be knitting in company at all times, and I haven’t knitted a stitch of anything since I got home. But I will be casting on soon (so many beautiful hats on the feed!), and for anyone else who hasn’t already gone there, I want to mention that Kate posted a full tutorial about how to work the join round for the folded brim. And also, in golden Kate fashion, how to wear your Seathwaite. Elsewhere:

– I’m eager to listen to Pam Allen on the Woolful podcast. If you’re wanting even more from Pam, I recommend the whole archive of Knit.fm (which I’ve heard may be getting a revival with a new host! fingers crossed)

The history, science and benefits of wool

The mad scientist of Levi’s

– and What we can learn from watching kids craft (Lessons I need to learn!) Related: best Instagram pic ever

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone — thank you for reading!



7 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. So glad I found this site! I’ve purchased my yarn, knitted a small swatch, tossed caution to the wind regarding soaking before deciding if the gauge was right, found your pieces on soaking and blocking, and decided oops! maybe I should test the yarn, but I’m still going forward. Just got to the first row after joining the brim, dropped a stitch and couldn’t recover, so now I”m ready, again, to join the brim.

    So glad you’ve set up such a helpful blog. I’ve already learned a lot. Thanks!

  2. My LYS in Beaverton, OR sends out emails and so nice to see they featured your site with links to Kate’s hat and Cumbria yarn. Nice to be head of the fashion curve:)

  3. Hi Karen, I have been a loyal follower but something happened when you were getting the new space ready and I didn’t get your blog posts anymore. I have missed them and today found the link on Mason and Dixon but am unable to subscribe again it seems. If I use the contact for I get to a spot that says I have to upgrade my subscription? But I am not sure where or how to do that? Can you help? I certainly miss your posts and will try to catch up.

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