New Favorites: Mitts and more mitts

New Favorites: Mitts and more mitts

Did I tell you I got to Rhinebeck without any mitts? Me, the woman who has knitted countless pair in the last four years. I won’t bore you with the details, but I wound up buying three different pairs of gloves over the course of two days, despite knowing how many were waiting for me at home. None of which quells my urge to cast on at least one of these—

1. Rosehip by Cello Knits. Any quelling here would be due to the fact that these are lace-weight knitted on US0 needles, but wouldn’t they feel amazing? For similar but in sport weight, see Ice Scrapers.

2. Scottish Barley by Cabinfour. Lovely cable-and-seed-stitch panel down the back of the hand would be fun to knit.

3. League by Klever Knits. Love those cables, and in worsted they’d be a satisfyingly quick knit. Pattern includes a matching hat.

4. Red Flannel by Alicia Plummer. Can’t go wrong with simple knits and purls.


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18 thoughts on “New Favorites: Mitts and more mitts

  1. I think of fingerless mitts as socks without the fuss. Like a half day at school. Done and fun. These are beauties, Karen.

  2. As always, awesome choices! “Scrumptious” says it best. I want them all but League made my heart jump when I saw the hat pattern that’s included. That cinched which one I’d start with! Its gotta be mitts for holiday gifts if we can just finish up this move. Seathwaite is in progress, right where I can reach it easily (as in, by my computer.) The peace of knitting – a must!

  3. I’m just finishing up mitts with celtic knots before I start on my Seathwaite:-). But I can see that the trend might tend towards another pair sometime soon!

  4. HA, I don’t even like mitts but HAD to buy the Scottish Barley………….It was the reference to the Black Isle that got me :)

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  7. Those are lovely patterns, as are the sweaters. They also look handknit- so tempting, but who has time for that?

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