New Favorites: from Farm to Needle

New Favorites: from Farm to Needle

First, can I just tell you: I am blown away by the response to the Slow Fashion October kickoff. I’ve been reading all of the comments and blog posts (linked from the comments) and Instagram posts and their comments and ensuing discussions and … wow! I’m a little fearful of my ability to keep up with it all! But so thrilled to see that this has struck a chord and that so many people are into it. I’m more excited than ever to see what everyone has to say and share this month.

Second: This post is weird. But New Favorites is all about patterns I’m dying to knit, right? And right now at the top of that list is my own pattern. Weird, weird, weird. A lot of you had asked me to write out my version of the vintage men’s waistcoat I knitted earlier this year, but I really wanted to rework it from the ground up — different weight, stitch pattern, shoulder shaping, the whole nine yards. So when Anna officially asked me if I’d like to design something for her book — now known as Farm to Needle — given that Anna is a vest fiend like me, I suggested doing just that. And the Anna Vest pattern was born. The thing is: I didn’t knit it, and it’s not my sweater. I wrote the pattern and enlisted my amazingly talented friend and master sample knitter Jo Strong to do the principal knitting for me. I did the finishing and sent the vest off to be photographed, and am left wanting one of my own. So there it is: on my New Favorites list, with all the usual longing. (I also want the model’s braids.)

There isn’t a single thing in the whole collection that I wouldn’t love to make and have, but to my great surprise, the one other pattern I can’t get out of my head is Dianna Walla’s Aspen legwarmers (and socks), which must surely be the most fabulous legwarmers in history. Yes, I did just profess my love for a pair of legwarmers.

Weird, weird, weird.


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24 thoughts on “New Favorites: from Farm to Needle

  1. Karen! You’re vest is awesome! Since I saw it last night I”ve been dreaming and scheming of doing a version of it with loads of positive ease and a longer body, can’t wait until the book comes out :)

  2. WOW! thanks for the heads up on what looks to be a beautiful book with amazing patterns – yours included… just pre-ordered mine this morning, comes out Nov. 7 so it will make a nice birthday present, to me, from me!! LOVE it! Thanks Karen!

  3. Karen, you might be turning me into a vest person. I made one not long ago that I love, and this little beauty would fit right into my wardrobe as well. Congrats on the publication!

    • Thanks, Clare. This vest is really magical — the sample has been tried on by all sorts of women of different sizes and body types and it looks amazing on every single one of them.

  4. I love your vest, Karen! The stitch pattern (speaking as a die-hard lover of subtle overall texture ) is total perfection. The other patterns are in Farm to Needle are equally gorgeous. I’m always awed by what colleagues in this industry come up with. Well done. x (PS: I want those braids, too.)

  5. I can’t decide what I’m going to cast on first! Thank you so much for lending your beautiful design to our book. Can’t wait to see you, just 13 days!

  6. Just pre-ordered the book! I love the concept behind it and seeing the patterns really cliched it. Love the vest pattern. I ended up with some Fibre Co. Acadia that I think would work really well with your pattern!

  7. I’m as anxious as everyone else for this book to arrive in my mailbox! I love the looks of your vest pattern and I’m sure I’ll knit it. At the risk of sounding like a crazy fan-person, I actually knit the inspiration for your pattern (the man’s vest you knit earlier). I knitted it with some Clara Shetland in a lovely natural brown and I can see it will be in heavy usage now that cool weather has arrived. (Only 2 more weeks till Rhinebeck!)

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