Knit the Look: Alex Yuryeva’s plaid pullover

Knit the Look: Alex Yuryeva's plaid pullover

What could be more appropriate for the 1st of September than an image of a plaid pullover, eh? (Even if temps are headed into the ’90s over here.) This black-and-white number was photographed on model Alex Yuryeva, and my inner back-to-schoolgirl wants it. Debbie Bliss’ Tartan Sweater pattern is a perfect match in terms of the kind and scale of the plaid, and at least one of the recommended yarns comes in black and white. (Another option would be Quince and Co’s Osprey in Frost and Crow, pictured.) All we need to do to make it more like Alex’s is to knit solid black ribbing at the waist and cuffs before embarking on the plaid, and then knit a black ribbed neckband instead of the turtleneck. The only hardship is finding a copy of Milano, the Debbie Bliss booklet this pattern was published in. Why oh why don’t people make things available for download?

See Vanessa’s post for more views of Alex’s outfit and sweater.


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Street style photo © Vanessa Jackman; used with permission


9 thoughts on “Knit the Look: Alex Yuryeva’s plaid pullover

  1. I know all about the song “why or why” I wonder that all the time. I’m guessing it has to do with the specific publisher, but economically it makes no sense. If someone is willing to buy one pattern, I’d imagine you’d sell more singles than a complete book.

  2. In the Vogue Winter 2014/2015, Norah Gaughan has a plaid pullover that maybe you could adapt to black and white, if you couldn’t find the Debbie Bliss pattern.

  3. I’m obsessed with plaid sweaters…there’s also one from a VK issue a couple months back that I’ve had in my queue too…every year I think “this is the year I knit an orange and brown plaid sweater” (all seventies colours, all the time!) but it hasn’t happened yet ;)

  4. I ask that same question about so many Rowan patterns! There just aren’t enough Rowan distributors around. However, perhaps this is an opportunity to fill the gap in terms of the plaid sweater of your dreams?

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