Happy Field Bag Day!

Happy Field Bag Day!

Today’s the day! I’m so grateful for everyone’s overwhelming enthusiasm about the project bag, now officially known as the Field Bag, and patience while I found the right people to produce it, domestically and to my standards. And so beyond thrilled that it finally exists in larger quantities and that you’ll be able to get yours today at NOON CENTRAL TIME. (And that I finally have one, too!) So today at noon (CDT), make your way to Fringe Supply Co. or to one of the five stores that have it: Tolt Yarn and Wool (WA), Fancy Tiger Crafts (CO), The Yarnery (MN), Fibre Space (VA) and Purl Soho (NY). And as always, I want to see how you use it, so please be sure to Instagram or Tweet it and tag it #fringesupplyco.

UPDATE: We’re sold out again! We’ll have more in a week or two, but meanwhile please check with the stores noted above.

And while you’re there, make sure to pick up the terrific new Pom Pom, which also just arrived. Happy day!

Pom Pom 14 now available at Fringe Supply Co.

19 thoughts on “Happy Field Bag Day!

  1. I’m planning on driving over to Fibre Space on my way home this evening :) I’ve been coveting one of these for a while!

  2. I LOVE MY FIELD BAG! I was lucky enough to snag one of your earlier ones. (You know, back in the CA days… ;) So glad you were able to have them produced again because its one wonderful design.

  3. So I was thinking… could you like, maybe dip-dye some in the next batch? I’m thinking of getting one just to try this out. Plain canvas isn’t really my bag (ha! see what I did there?) but the design is so good. I’m figuring maybe a bit of ombre (so the leather handle doesn’t need to get wet) might work out.

    • That’s a great idea! Have you ever dyed canvas before? I know that when I’ve washed other bags, they lose their sturdiness. Could you dip-dye without losing that sturdiness? If so, I’d want to join you in dyeing. I bring my canvas bags EVERYWHERE and they get very dirty.

    • You should definitely try it! I haven’t attempted it yet, but I do love that the bag is literally a blank canvas — I can imagine people dip-dyeing, embroidering, doodling, block printing …

  4. I was thinking the same thing about the color. I’ve never been able to own a natural canvas bag of any kind for more than about an hour before I scuff it up. Maybe experiment with a grey color sometime in the future? It would still be super attractive and would hide the dirt!

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