Long-lost favorites

Long-lost favorites

After six months of waiting for these beloved folding baskets to reappear — tormenting so many of you with the Coming Soon sign on them in the webshop — I was ready to say a silent goodbye and remove them for good. Then just as I was about to hit the big red button, I got word they were shipping! I refused to believe it until I was literally holding them in my hand, but here they are. Will there by more after this? Your guess is as good as mine. But if you’ve been wanting one for knitting projects or rolls of clean towels or to take to the beach, now’s your chance! (Please note that the blues this time around are slightly more teal than navy.)

But they’re also not the only elusive bestsellers to have reappeared this week. You’ll also find (while they last) Macramé Pattern Book, Cable Fashion Drama, ebony repair hooks, bonsai scissors and lots of other earthly delights — all just a click away at Fringe Supply Co.

Have an amazing weekend, everyone! What do you have planned for Knit in Public Day tomorrow, eh?

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