New Favorites: Crochet temptations

New Favorites: Crochet temptations

Ah, summer — that time of year where I swear I’m going to crochet something and then never do. What am I fantasizing about this time?

TOP: The Purl Bee’s Big Stitch Rug, on my list for ages (free pattern)

BOTTOM LEFT: Wool and the Gang’s new Carrie On Tote kit, so great with that leather strap

BOTTOM RIGHT: Kate Gagnon Osborn’s Asticou Terrace granny triangle, so simple (free pattern)

Kate and Courtney, over at Kelbourne Woolens, are planning another Crochet Summer campaign. Maybe a little hashtag FOMO will get to me to finally commit. Watch their blog for details.


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11 thoughts on “New Favorites: Crochet temptations

  1. Crack me up! Same for me. Every summer like clockwork I get the crochet itch. I have actually done it some summers, but it is odd that it’s the same urge every summer. Pavlov.

  2. It seems like every six months I decide I want to crochet a blanket. I started a granny square blanket in January, but I only crocheted a couple squares before deciding it wasn’t for me. I donated the squares last month. These last few days, I have been wanting to make a blanket again! I think I don’t want to put a bunch of granny squares together, but maybe I could do a one-piece throw like the recently released Sophie’s Universe. I may also change my mind by this time next week. :P

  3. Thanks so much for this post!! I have a bag of T shirt yarn(?) that’s been sitting around far too long. Perhaps it would like to be a small rug. Now to get on to the linen warp (actually makes superb baskets when coated with some kind of stiffener/ varnish.

  4. Thanks for the temptation! I learned to crochet first then picked up knitting about 10 years ago and have done that almost exclusively. Recently, though, I have started doing some simple crochet again. That bag looks great. I went right to the Wool and the Gang website and bought the kit.

  5. The Big Stitch Rug is lovely. I have made it. I am planning on cleaning a fleece and making a whitish rectangle very similar for my Kundalini yoga instructer of a best friend. I crochet. Do not knit. Not cannot knit, do not.

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