FO Sightings: Woollenflower’s Faroese dream

FO Sightings: Woollenflower's Faroese dream shawl

I know it’s only been two days since I publicly swore off shawl knitting, but there is one looming temptation. Remember a few months ago when I kicked off that #vitalknits hashtag? The lovely Julia Billings, aka @woollenflower (who you should totally follow if you don’t already), posted the shot above of her incredible Faroese-style shawl and I haven’t stopped thinking about it. (Here it is on Ravelry.) This is my idea of The Perfect Shawl: massive and enveloping, yet light; garter stitch interrupted by a spare, geometric lace design; and the perfect amount and length of fringe. Turns out it’s from a pattern quite straightforwardly called Faroese Lace Pattern Shawl, found in an out-of-print book. Jules tells me it was one of the first books she read when she was a new knitter and that the traditionally written pattern was beyond her skills at the time. She set it aside until she was ready, a few years ago now, and she wears this shawl more than anything else she’s made. Understandably. It may be out of print, but the good news is Jules is writing her own Faroese-style pattern inspired by this beauty — so watch for more news of that soon.

By the way, this reminds me quite a bit of Handepande’s incredible shawl that I blogged about forever ago and have longed for every day since. Apparently when it comes to shawls, I have a type.


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  1. I’ve started Hogwarts Express twice. Love the garter stitch and can’t wait yo hit the owl border. the wool color is similar, Jacob wool in dk. Knits so quickly compared to fingering weight!

  2. This is gorgeous. I’ve seen this book before at the library, so although its out of print, it’s easy to get! hooray!

  3. Wow! Both shawls – Faroese Dream and Flukra – are beautiful! Am finishing Melanie Berg’s Drachenfels shawl today and want to move on to other projects, but put both shawls on my favorites list. Especially loved the Flukra – so simple and modern!

  4. I feel in Love as soon as I saw it this morning. Checked a bit and found that you can purchase a used book for under $8 on Amazon! Most look to be old Library copies…but hey for $6 and some change you have a classic ol’ book! (also can choose between hardback or paperback. HAPPY KNITTING YA’LL!

  5. Love the softer flat panel down the back instead of the sharp triangle usually seen on shawls, and the fringe!! Must keep that in mind as a modification in the future.

  6. Whodda thought I’d get hooked on shawls? But the simple “Orlane’s Textured Shawl” did me in. Your Grandma’s shawl just made me nuts! I’m working my way through (I’m at the end of it) an Orlane using my husband’s heavy handspun blend of alpaca, silk and baby camel hair (natural colors.) Its incredible! I’ve also tried my hand at “shawlette’s” with more lacey patterns – I love using handdyed sock yarns for those. And so I’m hooked. This pattern is gorgeous!

  7. Oh god, it’s perfect. It’s absolutely perfect. I’ve never made a shawl but I might just wait until this pattern comes out and it will be my first! :) Thanks for sharing this!

  8. Oh my goodness, I love that shawl and I have the book and I just cast off a project last night which means I am in need of a new project…….

  9. Meg Swansen at Schoolhouse Press has the book and translation that this shawl is in. The book also includes other Faroese Shawls, they are my fave shawls right now!

    • I was just going to comment that I have that book, purchased from Meg at Knit Camp a couple years ago! and I even met Marilyn, the woman who did the translation.

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