New Favorites: Paloma

New Favorites: Paloma

Whether it’s the fact that it’s been so long (almost two months!) since I had a sweater on my needles, or even just talking about October, or the fact that it is FREEZING in our new space, I find myself longing to cast on a really big, really cozy sweater. This is an old favorite — on my to-knit list since the day it released last spring — but it’s top of mind at the moment: Thea Colman’s Paloma cardigan, pictured above. Chunky, beautifully textured, long and snuggly, I’m craving it intensely right now. I even love it in that pale pink!


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  1. Such a beautiful sweater! I checked out the pattern and read some of the notes written by other knitters. It seems like there are issues among other knitters with fit/gauge/bulk so it could be a challenging knit. No doubt you’ll be able to figure it all out, Karen!

  2. I’m so glad you liked the sweater! And as for the above comment, many knitters subbed yarns, and unfortunately a small difference in gauge in bulky weight becomes hard to ignore in a sleeve cap! I did work through the math with a few of them in my BabyCocktails forum, and by altering just a few rows, it’s easy to work around those gauge issues. If anybody does need a hand with a bulky that’s a bit off gauge, just check the forum or ping me on Rav and I will try to step back in and help.

  3. I think you have the right body type for this, but many don’t. After knitting a bulky sweater I have resolved to never go heavier than worsted, ever. It is simply not flattering for people who are not extremely slim (and preferably tall). I think it will look great on you and be super speedy to knit up!

    • Agree 100%, have sworn off the bulky tops as well since my very recent last one that makes me look 20 pounds heavier and 20 years older. To wear in the garden only, in October. ;-)

  4. Thanks so much! As for the comment above on fit and gauge, there were a lot of yarn subs on this one, and unfortunately a small difference in gauge in bulky yarn makes a big difference in a sleeve cap! I did help more than a few knitters work their caps properly for new gauges in my Ravelry group, so if anyone needs a hand, know that the thread is there and all you have to do is ping me if you are a little bit off on rows or sts —

  5. LOVE this sweater…and on size 10.5 needles it will come together in no time at all! I also love Chocolate Stout by Thea…both look so cozy and warm for the fall! I’m always knitting for the season that is next to come…so fall/winter sweaters are always on my needles during the summer. Thank God for AC! :)

  6. I’ve been looking and looking for the perfect next sweater to knit, I think this is it! Thank you!!!!

  7. that gorgeous cardi has so much wonderful texture- you should totally do it! Cardigans are trans-seasonal, anyway. You can wear that lovely thing all year long!

  8. Despite my previous distrust with sweater projects, (eyeing the linen vest in the UFO basket with the side-eye), the Paloma pattern has me seriously re-thinking my moratorium on all sweaters!

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