Exciting times

Exciting times for Fringe Supply Co

Friday was moving day for Fringe Supply Co. and I thought I’d share some “before” shots of the new space. I tried not to grouse too much about this publicly, but while it had its merits (the brick wall, high ceilings and the fact that it was available when I needed it!) the space we’ve been in since the move to Nashville has been, well, a bit of a trial for me. It was the right size at the time I signed the lease, which I knew would mean we’d grow out of it quickly — and so we did — but the worst part was it had no windows. I’m a fresh-air-and-daylight kind of girl. One of the hardest things for me about the move from CA to TN is that I no longer get to have my windows open 360 days of the year. But during business hours here, I had no windows at all. After eight hours in that room on any given day, I would feel dizzy from the fluorescent lighting and the sensory deprivation. It was a situation I hoped would last only a few months but it wound up lasting ten. But the amazingly good news is that the new space — just down the hall from the old one — is too big for us (lots of room to grow) and has both windows and a skylight! So life has been immeasurably improved. No more tripping over boxes on my way to my table, and let me tell you: I will never take windows for granted again.

So these shots are from the move-in. This space used to be the stockroom of Nisolo Shoes, and if you look through their Instagram feed you’ll see lots of photos of the room stacked all the way to the 15′ ceiling with shoeboxes. They were kind enough to leave behind the shelves, which Bob and I began to augment on Saturday to suit Fringe’s needs, but we’ve still got a lot of work to do unpacking and furnishing the place for what we want to do here. I’ll be sharing progress on the @fringesupplyco feed on IG. And once we’re settled in, watch for further news of more ways we plan to use this space!

18 thoughts on “Exciting times

  1. Congrats on the move! I worked in a basement office for a year and I quickly felt the same way as you, I’ll never take windows for granted again!

  2. No more dreary work environment for you! Love your blog.
    Also, thanks for sharing the Nisolo brand. Wow, great shoes.

  3. Congratulations, the space looks wonderful. I too had a few years of a windowless basement university office and completely understand!

  4. I once lived in a studio apt. in Boston with windows only out onto the alley. It was horrible and I vowed …never again. I can’t tell you how many times I’d leave for work only to return to change my clothes once I got outside and saw the weather ;-) Congrats on your amazing new space!!!!

  5. I’m so excited for you and Fringe Supply ~ I’m with you about windows and light! I’m so incredibly sensitive to needing abundant natural light that I get down-right grumpy if I’m deprived. You will have it in spades!

  6. Very excited for you and Fringe Supply Co. Karen! It’s so much fun to watch your wonderful business continue to grow! Congratulations on the larger and brighter space. I’m in So Ca and say ‘ditto’ to your words of being a fresh-air-and-daylight-kinda-girl! Stuck in a flourescently lit cubicle (which I am so not fond of for more than just the absence of windows! LOL!) – I appreciate your words wholeheartedly. Wishing you all good things in your new digs! -barb

  7. Congrats, how exciting! This will be a wonderful change to you. And I can get on board with that window issue— fluorescent lighting is the worst. <3

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  9. Hope that the move is going well, I am missing your posts and got a little worried about you.

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