New Favorites: Tanks!

New Favorites: Tank sweater knitting patterns

It always amazes me how many ways people dream up to knit a little tank sweater, but these super simple versions are the ones I want right now:

TOP: Aster by Dawn Catanzaro is designed for Quince’s awesome aran-weight linen Kestrel (which I made my striped tank from last year), while …

BOTTOM: Farrah by Wool and the Gang is designed for their Shiny Happy Cotton

Perfect summer staples, knitted up in no time!


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15 thoughts on “New Favorites: Tanks!

  1. Yes! I think that Aster is my next project. I’m making myself finish a few small projects first, though.

  2. I am definitely going to knit up a few tanks this summer. I fell in love with one with a bit of fringe that I’m going to try and make up from a photograph. I’m just not sure if I want to knit it in linen or cotton … maybe both!

  3. I enjoy the effortless look of these sorts of knitted tanks in photo shoots, but I admit I’ve always shied away from actually making one because I fear they’d be impractical in real life. I can’t figure out what you’d wear under Aster to preserve modesty, given its looseish gauge (I suspect the model is wearing a stick-on bra or “petals”, which… aren’t what I want to wear when I’m feeling “effortless casual”). I guess the same goes for Farrah somewhat — those enormous armholes! I also worry about how stable the straps on Aster would be. In my experience, narrow knitted strips like to streeeetch.

    But maybe my fears are unfounded — has anybody out there worn a handknit like Aster? Was it wearable when moving around and wearing it for more than a few minutes? And does anyone have any suggestions for unboring, unstodgy knitted tanks that can accommodate people for whom not wearing a bra is not an option?

    • I have knitted a light tank last sumer and it works fine. Like you, no bra is not an option except alone around the house. Yes it is a bit loose, so I probably would knit another one at a slightly tighter gauge than recommended, because summer yarns do tend to stretch a bit. And a darker colour will probably work better so that you can choose dark underwear that will be less noticeable if it shows under the armholes. Another option is to knit a top with very short sleeves, so that you have the same light as air feeling without the underwear headache.

      • Thanks for the encouragement, miss agnes! What tank pattern did you knit? (or did you improvise?)

        Thinking about this more, I have this crazy idea of making a loose-gauge-knitted-tank in a yarn like Kestrel with some kind of light woven liner… Dunno, might be a disaster to make and to wear (drape?!)

    • The straps on Aster do look a little precarious — I’m curious to see it in real life. My striped kestrel tank has picked up edging along the neckline and armhole openings, which gives it a little bit of infrastructure that Aster lacks.

  4. Karen – Thanks for the many hours you save me with your fabulous curatorial skills!

  5. I prefer knits with a finished armhole and neckline. Even a tiny edge stabilizes the tendency to stretch. Plus rolling edges drive me nuts

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