So nice to meet you!

So nice to meet you!

Stitches South is over and I’m gonna sleep for a few minutes and get caught up on the rest of everything, but I wanted to say to the crowd of you I got to meet this weekend how much I enjoyed it. You’re a bunch of lovely humans and it’s always a pleasure to put faces to names, but it’s also a unique sort of fun to be part of a community of people who have no qualms about asking to pet your sweater vest — or even try it on. So thank you for coming by and saying whatever you may have said.

Happily South will be in Nashville again next year, the last weekend of March, so put it on your calendars! And we’ll also be at the East Side Fiber Festival this June 27th. Meanwhile, I know a bunch of you followed suggestions from my things to do in Nashville post, and I’d love to hear how it worked out — especially if you went places I haven’t been to yet!

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  1. I didn’t make it to Stitches South, but your booth is so inviting. I don’t know about others out there, but I have attended many other shows, and so often the booths are so crowded that its over whelming to even venture in and browse. I love your minimalist style and get a constant reminder from you and others who so successfully accomplish this in their lives. I keep telling myself “there is hope” that I too can live with less, or at the very least, live with organization. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Great seeing you and DG, Karen! My son and I went to Riverside Grillshack and it was awesome!

  3. It’s been super fun seeing all the Stitches South postings on Instagram, but as a West Coaster, I have to say that I was so sad that neither you or the Plucky Knitter didn’t have booths at Stitches West! I was totally looking forward to meeting you in the flesh and blood! Although that being said, you probably benefited from not having to deal with me all girl-crushing on you in person! :)

  4. Jenn and I took advantage of two of your recommendations: Butchertown Hall and Pinewood Social. Both were awesome, and perfect for where we were in our journey in Nashville. Butchertown was a great place to start off our long weekend in Nashville–full of energy and spunk and great drinks and awesome brussel sprouts. Pinewood Social was amazing, and perfect for a last night–we cooled our heels in the “living room” and had a great pot roast dinner, knitting and chatting all the while. Thank you Karen and DG for these thoughtful recos!

  5. It was fun to meet you too! I checked out Two Ten Jack (l0ved the Yasai Ramen), Woodlands Indian, and Riverside Grill Shack. All excellent recommendations! And your booth was a beacon of calm in the wonderful chaos of Stitches. I’m glad I stopped by first thing to get a tote bag. I filled it with yarn by the end of the day! Also, thanks for letting me pet your vest. :)

  6. Hi Karen

    I thought I would send a quick note to find out if you have made anything with your latest batch from hole and sons.

    In fact did you post on Instagram the colours you were able to purchase?

    I am viridi_design on Instagram


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