New Favorites: The hats of BT Men Vol 2

New Favorites: The hats of BT Men Vol 2

Yesterday Brooklyn Tweed released BT Men Volume 2, and my favorite patterns are the two beautifully cabled, perfectly unisex hats. Crag by Jared Flood, up top, features the most gorgeous staggered, interlocking horseshoe cables. Snare by Norah Gaughan, bottom, has more of a twisty-twining cable pattern that also looks like a lot of fun to knit. And thankfully both are written for worsted-weight Shelter so they’ll be just what I like a hat to be: quickly, deeply satisfying.


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  1. Absolutely, without any question, Frogging! Usually this happens when I’m tired(of course my own fault for not stopping). It usually involves repeated “frogging” in the same place for repeating the same mistake over and over. Wow, you’d think I’d get it. No, I just get more frustrated and then I declare WAR on the area I’m having problems with. The even more upsetting thing is that so far, when I finally get it right, I find it is the stupidest, elementary mistake that most beginners would have cruised right though without a second thought. My blood pressure is going up just thinking about it! LOL@! HAPPY KNITTING YA”LL!!!

  2. Boy, the Brooklyn Tweed folks are good at what they do, aren’t they? I love the sweaters and the “regular guy” models.

  3. I love the lookbook!! There are at least two sweaters in there that would be PERFECT for Matt. He has been hinting that he wants a cabled sweater. Maybe now is the time. :)

  4. Kept going back all day to look at the new patterns from BT. The sweaters are wonderful! On the difficulty scale, they were rated 4 or 5 out of 5, so no small task to knit them. BT patterns are so well-written, though, that I’m very tempted…. I noticed links to tutorials in the pattern specs, which would, no doubt, be very helpful, especially for techniques I’ve never done. So very tempted….

    • Exactly — the two Brooklyn Tweed sweater patterns I’ve done have been very detailed and lead you right along.

  5. Last night my husband coveted my lovely in-progress L’Arbre hat because it is SO soft in the Road to China Light. (And thank you for adding the yardage information for L’Arbre!) I just ordered more today, so I am thinking I might do one of these patterns for him using that! I enjoyed the BT Lookbook; the regular guy models are just dolls. Oh, and the knits ain’t bad either.

  6. Love the latest BT collection – and I am looking at each one with myself in mind! My fiancé so far refuses to entertain the idea of a handknit. I find this hilarious and also very pleased that it frees me up for selfish knitting! Hello Shield, welcome to my queue :-)

  7. I loved this collection a lot, and wished the men in my life liked to wear sweaters (my guys prefer hoodies). At least a hat would get a lot of wear! All the accessories in this collection went straight into my queue!

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