If you can’t get enough of that stitch

If you can't get enough of that stitch

I’m trying to finish my grandma’s shawl before I cast on my L’Arbre Hat for the knitalong (am at the point of the loooong-slooooowww rows), and it’s sort of killing me to see all the hats forming on the #fringehatalong hashtag in the meantime! That stitch pattern is so addictive, I can’t wait to get back to it. But I was thinking the other day it’s sort of sad to have learned that nifty trick only to use it again rarely, if ever. Then over the weekend I was cruising around Pinterest and saw an image I’d seen before, had included in last year’s Pretty spring scarves roundup, and then forgotten about: the Purl Bee’s Trellis Scarf, seen above. This time my eyes popped right out of my head as I immediately recognized the same trick but used to very different effect. As with the stitch pattern used in L’Arbre, the stitch pattern for the Trellis Scarf is by Barbara Walker, from her beloved book A Treasury of Knitting Patterns. But in this case, the tucked strands are staggered to form a grid of X’s, or a lattice look. So if you’ve finished your hat and want more of that stitch, here you go!

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  1. Karen, how do you link to the KAL on Ravelry? I looked up Help but couldn’t locate a how-to. I don’t use the type of cell phone that allows me to use Instagram, so Ravelry is my connection. “101” how-to, please oh please! Thanks.

  2. Oh my gosh, look at that beautiful mistake a few inches from the bottom on the left side — the knitter accidentally dropped the mirroring half of the motif and the effect is like a row of 3D boxes. There’s so much you could do on purpose to play with these lifted strands.

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