New Favorites: the Purl Bee three

New Favorites: the Purl Bee three

Just as people’s attention is starting to turn toward warmer-weather pursuits, and the pace of new knitting pattern releases slows to a painful crawl, the Purl Bee shows up with three killer scarf patterns — all of them featuring engaging little techniques to hold your interest:

TOP: Jasmine Scarf features an insanely pretty stitch pattern that looks like a ton of fun to knit — go watch the little how-to video on the pattern page (free pattern)

MIDDLE: Cobblestone Scarf is a simple stitch but knitted with three different yarns held together — always among my favorite tricks — to create intriguing and subtle texture and color complexities (free pattern)

BOTTOM: Reversible Rivulet Scarf combines twisted stitches and reversible cables (free pattern)


UNRELATED NEWS OF BEAUTIFUL THINGS: We got in a nice little batch of several of the beloved vintage fiber mill spindles many of you have been asking about. There’s also a secret new addition in the dropdown (not pictured) — a light cherry red version of the green/blue one — but there are only a dozen of them so you might need to be fast! Plus Knitters Graph Paper Journal and both sizes of the Doane notebooks are back in stock. It’s an embarrassment of riches in the paper goods department right now!


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7 thoughts on “New Favorites: the Purl Bee three

  1. I love all three of those too! They all make me wish for a little more winter. I think that the Jasmine scarf will be my next project.

  2. The GREEN spindle got me…even though I have a few of the brown ones, I have never seen a green one! Thank you and I got it………..The rivulet scarf calls me too, colour and the SEA. Thank you.

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